Thursday, February 14, 2008

saint valentine's day

I have a Saint Valentine's Day party every year- this was my twenty-fifth. I was a mere child of twenty-one when I hosted the first one.

I always do a great job with the food, decorations, guest lists and drinks. And for twenty-five years I've sucked at photographing the event. This year was no different. I didn't take a lot of photos, and the ones I took were not good. I was having fun being the hostess and chatting. I need to learn how to take pictures in candlelight.

Here is the obligatory photo of the food. I’m most proud of the plate at the bottom right side of the table. My niece is a Brownie and sold Girl Scout cookies this year. She sold, delivered and arraigned them on the plate.

The whole house is lit with candlelight. My brother and his family come early to help light the hundreds of candles. The house looks great- and the cobwebs are not visible. I am always worried that I will not get all of the candles extinguished. The last guests helped me blow them all out, and we turned the lights out to double check. I found a stray votive still burning away the next day. The real shocker was the pillar candle I found at 3:00 am Sunday after my Red Key shift. 57 hours and still burning -- don't tell my insurance agent.

The place was filled with bloggers. Kirsten (above, not a great photograph, she was talking to someone out of the frame), Jerry, Tammy and Cara. We missed you Teresa and Kim. Kent, consider yourself invited for next year.

About fifty people floated through the party. Down from seventy-five two years ago. There is a wicked flu bug making the rounds. My house is very small, with only room for six people to sit down. I love the elbow to elbow feeling, forcing people to meet each other.

As always, it was amazing and humbling to have my house filled with friends and family.
I am loved.


Cliff said...

Yes you are. I really like the reddish photo. It looks professional to me.
You are definitely the hostess with the mostest.

Kim said...

Sorry I missed your soiree! I had a date with my sweetie.

Next year I'll make it for sure!

Granny Annie said...

All those candles frighten me! But, oh what a lovely atmosphere they create. Your party looks fantastic!

Wish we could find a Girl Scout. We saw that the cookies are on sale now but don't know any girls to buy them from!

Jamie Dawn said...

25 Valentine's parties and counting.
That is great!!
I'm sure you are a wonderful hostess. Your home was buzzing with conversation and the sounds of chewing and swallowing all those goodies.
I love candles too. I'm obsessive compulsive about making sure they are all blown out. I've been known to get up from bed to double check. I don't light as many as you did though. What a great atmosphere it must have been!
You are loved by all who have gotten to know you.
What's NOT to love?????