Wednesday, February 13, 2008

knee deep in candy and flowers

...not that I'm complaining.

I've been dipping strawberries and pretzels in chocolate, baking cookies, making toffee, soaking grapes in wine, making roll-up sandwiches and putting together a cheese platter. 

I love Aldi grocery store. 

Look at all of these great roses -- $18.00 for six bunches. 

Back to preparing for the party.


Anonymous said...

ah, those candies looks so delectable.

Dianne said...

soaking grapes in wine!? now that sounds yummy.

have a great party.

I stopped by from bobbie's blog. ;)

Rachel said...

Oh wow!! Sounds like you will have a humdinger of a party Nora!! Enjoy!!!

Janell said...

Nora, that looks like a it was a GREAT party! Wish we all could have come.

King Tiger said...

I'm hurt I wasn't invited!

Cliff said...

Sorry I missed it. That looks good. Can you believe someone scheduled two economic developement meetings for 5 PM on Feb 14th?
Marilyn is over it now.

Jamie Dawn said...

I visited Jerry's place earlier, and he said he would be attending a Valentine's Day party at your house.
What fun it must have been!! You put on quite a party! I bet you are a terrific hostess.
I hope you all had a superb evening!!
$18 for 6 bunches of roses??!!
My hubby was out of town for Valentine's Day and he won't be back home for another week. I refrained from eating chocolate on V-day. It was hard, but I made it through without a single truffle.
:-) Had I been at your party, I would have succumbed to those yummy treats!!

Ralph said...

The day before Valentines Day, roses were going for $45 a dozen. On the 15th you could buy a dozen for $18. You got the best deal by far.
By the way, that candy really good too.

missbuckmaster said...

Nora, thanks so much for the party! It was a blast, as always. Also, I love the blog even though it's not called "shaved heads". Oh, & that reminds me - Carlton says he is very, very sorry he was so creepy and opened your door to get my purse. :)

Rachel said...

That must have been some party since I don't see a new post!!!

Lucy Stern said...

I dipped some strawberries in chocolate for my husband and daughter this year. They were so good that I did it again on Tuesday night. Yummmmm......

Rhodent said...

Hi NOra,

Left you a message on the Blogstock blog.

Flip Flop Momma said...

Holy Crap, those strawberries look, well....damn good ;)