Tuesday, February 12, 2008

knee deep in cleaning products

I'm preparing for my annual Saint Valentine's Day celebration- the 25th! I hosted my first one when I was a young thing of 21.

I was dating my college boyfriend at the time.
Both sets of parents were expecting an engagement announcement.
Only Greg and I knew that there was a ring tucked in my dresser drawer.
He asked, I said not yet. Which turned in to no when he married his neighbor (it wasn't that simple, but twenty-five years later that is the best way to tell it). I have to stop myself from staring at his wife's wedding ring.

I've mentioned before that I'm not the best housekeeper in the land. I'm not dirty, but I sure am messy. Piles of books, papers and notepads are strewn everywhere. I think I've almost got it under control.

And candlelight is very forgiving.


bobbie said...

That sounds so like my house. Not dirty, but definitely messy. And, you know? I like it that way. (And at my age, I can even get away with it.)
Have a fun party!

Janell said...

Yes, i can see where your boyfriend marrying someone else could definitely put a damper on a potential engagement! Since I am new here, have you blogged the whole story or is it something we can all look forward to? Your brief mentioon of it makes it very intriguing.

Tee said...

Ah yes. Candlelight is my best friend ;)

Cliff said...

Yes, darkness will also make the windows clean.
Greg missed out.
I wish I could be there and bring you a little valentine and some of those little heart candies with sayings on them. Like "Be Mine" and other phrases that got me stirred up in country school.

bobbie said...

OK. Here I am again. This time I have been tagged for a meme, and tag - you're it. If you are willing, check out my blog and see what's up. It's an easy, fun one. If you aren't into it, I will understand.

Ralph said...

You just need to adopt my philosophy – we got the house to live in not to use as a show home. At least it works for me.