Tuesday, February 05, 2008

rainy night

Dating has been on my mind more than ever lately. 

Maybe it's because Valentine's Day is around the corner, maybe because it's winter or maybe because I went to a Guild meeting today in a jewelry store and everyone got their wedding rings cleaned but me- because I don't have one. Maybe it's because I'm 46 and never been married. And not getting any younger. 

Or maybe it's because I'm tired of doing things by myself. 

Not the usual things that most women won't do alone. 

I'm perfectly happy going to concerts, eating out, buying a house and picking out my own jewelry. 

I want someone to help me to re-light the water heater. Have you ever tried to light one by yourself?  Pushing and holding down on one knob while holding back the little metal door to get to the pilot light, jugging a flashlight and a lit match. Kneeling on the concrete floor of a dark basement? Usually while wearing a bathrobe because you didn't know the water heater was out until you jumped in the shower. Praying that you don't blow up or catch your hair on fire when you strike the match by holding the match book between your teeth. 

I want to jump in my truck and find the tank full. Not because I can't pump my own gas or pay for it. Because I've put almost every drop of gas in that vehicle for the last six years. For the last 5200 miles. What a treat it would be to drive past the station with out stopping every 300 miles or so. 

I want to open the refrigerator and find something besides cat food, diet Pepsi and take-out containers. Not that I can't by groceries or cook. Eating alone is a challenge. Buying a loaf of bread is a commitment. A commitment to 16 grilled cheese sandwiches. A commitment to 32 pieces of toast. A commitment to feeding the birds. 

I want to have plans on a Friday night. Not because I sit home on Fridays. But because I'd love to have a date. 

That's all, really. 


Cliff said...

Well I'm happily married Nora. But if I wasn't I'd stop by the Red Key just to try and get a date. But knowing your strict rules about age differentials I guess we'd just have to be good friends.
If you started dating would you be able to find a dumpster if needed?
Now to be a bit serious. I do hope and know that you deserve to find the right guy. I'm guessing you will, but I'm reminded of the words my banker spoke to me years ago after a really good bean harvest with record high prices. I went in to ask for $75,000 to buy feeder cattle. We fed cattle every fall and winter back then. He said, "Why on earth do you want to risk messing up a good thing." I don't know of anyone with a more enviable lifestyle, position in the community, or who has more fun than you.
Now go out and find him if you must. He'll be one lucky dude.

Kim said...


Your syndicate of lady friends will work in harmony to find you a musically correct, age-appropriate HAWT guy. We can do this!

(FWIW, I don't think Wayne has ever put gas in my car...mainly because he can't drive a stick shift, I guess. What kind of man IS he?)

Cliff said...

OR you can go to a novelty store and buy a can of aerosol 'fart in a can'.
Then take it to bed with you and when you get that 'melancholy' feeling just spray some under the covers to remind you of what you're missing.

nora said...

Damn it Marilyn - your comment made me laugh so hard I forgot what I was sad about!

Thank you.

Rachel said...

I see Marilyn's sense of humor there!! LOL I think her advice would have you forgetting about men altogether!!

Sounds like you have the water heater lighting under control. That is super multi-tasking! I'm thankful ours is electric!

You may meet Mr. Right any day and when you least expect it.

Granny Annie said...

I was single after my divorce for 26 years. My focus was on raising my children and building my career. Let me share three comments made to me by three different men when I announced that I had married:
1.) I never knew you were single!
2.) I wish I had known you were single!
3.) You were single? You seemed so stable.

You'll have to figure out what I'm saying here. I'm not sure that I know.

Granny Annie said...

Oh, and Nora, you might want to put Cliff in charge of fixing you up and not Marilyn:-)

Kirsten said...

This is one of the puzzles that Ben and I regularly consider - why is it so hard for our amazing single friends, such as you, to find quality dates? But I do have to say, as much as I adore Ben and our little life, that I miss cooking just for myself. For some reason, I can and do accomplish all the other cherished time-alone things from my single days. But cooking just for oneself when one's husband is in the other room just doesn't work. Go figure.

Seriously, though, we're on the look-out for guys that are worthy of you and your super cool ways.

bad influence girl said...

I'm reminded of a comment my friend Tom made last week. After hearing me lament about my (lack of) dating life, he said, "It sounds like the only reasons you want a boyfriend are to watch his cable TV and to help work on your house."

Throw in sex, and I really don't know what other reasons there are?

Jamie Dawn said...

I want you to find someone too.
The truth is you will still pump your own gas most of the time, unless your man is with you at the time.
It's nice to share life with someone, and I hope that you get exactly what you desire at this time in your life. You are also in a good life position, being single. You can do whatever you want without having to consider the plans, schedule, or opinion of someone else. There are pros and cons to everything, but mostly I want you to have what your heart longs for. Wait for a very good man to come along. Don't settle for a schmuck just because you really want to be in a dating relationship. Some men may be intimidated by you. It is true. You are confident and independent and impresssive. You are a force to be reckoned with, and when the right guy comes along who can handle the great and wonderful Nora, be sure and say "Let me check my calendar and see if I can pencil you in."
My brother is 39 and single. He wants to get married and have a family some day, but like you, the right person has not come along yet. He is also VERY busy, like you, so that does not leave a lot of spare time to go out and mingle and get to know someone.

Tee said...

I hope someone worthy enough finds you soon :) You're such a catch <3