Thursday, February 21, 2008


We had a Board Retreat yesterday. If you've ever been part of a Board Retreat, you know it is a damn good idea to serve food and booze when it is over.

I offered to supply the drink part of the equation - I had lots of leftover beer and wine from the party.

I left the Chardonnay and beer in my truck (nature's cooler). I clanked three bottles of Cabernet in to the meeting with me. When the flip chart taped to the wall portion of the meeting started, I decided it was a good chance to run down (five flights of stairs) to get the other libations. I took my keys, hauled the goodies back upstairs and slipped back to the meeting. I just set my keys on the table I was sitting at.

Several of the board members and my CEO already think I'm a little quirky. Between bites of cheese and sips of wine I got lots of questions about the Red Key and my columns. I was assuring them that I had time to do it all. No problem, really.

When it was time to pack up (just once I want to go somewhere with out hauling something) my keys were no where to be found.

Great, just want I needed - to look flighty and irresponsible. I was really ticked off, but trying to stay calm and nonchalant. Which is hard, in the face of such brillent questions like: "What do they look like?" "Where did you leave them?" "Are you sure you had them today?"

I caught a ride home to grab my spare set. Luckily, I had someone looking at my bathroom that day, so I'd left keys hidden for him.

I really started freaking out the next morning realizing what was on the ring- keys to Second Helpings and the lock box, keys to Marigold, keys to the truck, keys to my house and keys to my tenant's house. Not that I was worried about anyone breaking in, but what a pain that would be to replace them.

I walked through the parking lot of the venue the next morning and ran in to see if they'd been found. No luck.

I got a call that afternoon. Someone had turned them in- apparently someone had picked them up and stuck them in their pocket. I'll be looking for guilty faces at the next board meeting.


Cliff said...

Maybe you'll also find the cup.

Granny Annie said...

Now, as a worry-wart mom type, I must tell you to change all your locks in case this person had copies made!!!!