Wednesday, February 20, 2008

j.r. the super star!

Today is my little brother's birthday. The first three of us are all in a row, age wise for a few months.

J.R. is 44, Beth is 45 and I'm 34, oh umm, and I'm 46.
Our "baby" sister, Ann is 40.

J.R. has a beautiful family, he and his gorgeous wife Anna are the parents of my lovely niece and nephew. Children love him - he was encouraging the kids at my party to load their pockets up with cookies. He is a terrific son and brother. He has a very successful business, is a good employer, active in his church and can make me laugh until I cry.

Not bad for a little boy that made me eat a worm.


Cliff said...

He sounds like a keeper. A worm? Ewwww

Granny Annie said...

A fellow I knew says when he was about 8 years old he used to carry around goat turds in a paper sack and tell his friends that it was candy and let them eat it.

Happy Happy Birthday JR!

Jerry said...

Did that worm taste like chicken?

Monica said...

Happy Birthday!! I dig the hat!!