Friday, February 29, 2008

dublin day one

[I had much better intentions of posting each day. The Dublin hotel has wireless, unfortunately it is not working on my floor. I could stand in the hallway and press the computer up to the window or write in the lobby. Too much fun stuff happening in the lobby to write much. I did manage to squeak out the article that was due. Rest assured, I'm having a lovely time. Cheers!]

We arrived at Dublin Airport at 8:30 in the morning Irish time, 3:30 in the morning Indiana time. There were five of our group on the flight plus two surprise guests. I'll start off with introducing the group.
Kevin: I used to work with him in Philadelphia. We're here to celebrate his 50th birthday.
Sean: Kevin's brother, also from Philadelphia.
Joanne: cousin of Sean and Kevin, from Florida.
Luke: friend of Kevin.
They were all part of the group when Dad and I went to Dublin four years ago.
Surprise guests: Malcolm and Sarah. Friends of Kevin and Luke from Philadelphia. They managed to stay hidden while we boarded and reveled themselves an hour in to the flight.
Malcolm and Sarah are staying at the Four Seasons.

The rest of us taxied to our hotel. We ditched our bags at the hotel at hit the ground running.

I love how busy the streets are! People everywhere.

We had lunch at a cafeteria-ish place above a swanky department store. Being the restaurant geek that I am, I wanted my photograph by the conveyor belt for the dishes.

We walked around Trinity College, where Kevin spent a semester 28 years ago. We did a bit of shopping (I bought a cool Waterford jar -- it will be perfect for Twizzlers) and a little something for my sisters and mom. Luckily the items will be shipped, so I don't have to worry about breaking them.

All of us were dragging but the walk was terrific. We stopped for our first pint around 2:00 in the Temple Bar area. As you can see, it was a well documented pour.

Kevin, Joanne, Sean and Nora

Our hotel is right off of O'Connell Street and an easy walk across the Liffey to the Temple Bar area and Trinity College.

The River Liffey

Bangers and Mash

After all of the travel and walking we were exhausted. We had an early dinner and called it a night at 7:30. I did wake up at 10:30 and considered wandering out, but thought better of it.
But I hated to leave 4 1/2 hours of Sadie Hawkins Day on the table. I'll be 50 the next time I rolls around.


bad influence girl said...

Och! There is nothing better than an authentic Irish pour of an authentic Irish Guinness in Dublin, the Guinness motherland.

It's 11 a.m. here. Too early for a Guinness? I'm thirsty! Glad you're having a great time!

Cliff said...

Well good on you Nora. I'm glad you're safe and having a good time.
We have probably spent as much time traveling as you but we've been in a car the whole time so we haven't covered as much ground. Be kinda good.

Jerry said...

You look like you're having fun.

Bangers and mash looks...scary.

Have fun!

Janell said...

Oh, I never realized how yummy Guinness goes with bangers and mash. The street pictures are wonderful. Keep 'em coming!
If you run into any Connealys over there, tell them "hi" for me. We have a mutual ancestor.

Jamie Dawn said...

Hooray, you made it there safe and sound!!
I hope Kevin enjoys his birthday trip. What a great celebration!
I don't like the taste of beer. I would have to try one in Ireland though just to say I did it.
Sounds like you're having a fun time!!!!!
You deserve this vacation!

Teresa said...

I can't wait to hear about the whole trip. Michael's birthday is on St. Patricks Day and someday we are going to spend his b-day there.

Tee said...

Beautiful pic of the river! You must be having so much fun! ... The bangers and mash looks so yummy, though that name has always cracked me up.

Enjoy your trip, Nora!! :)