Thursday, November 08, 2007

tonic ball nora

I have volunteered for this event for the last five years, coordinating the bands and the line-up. 32 bands are donating their time. It is very humbling to see the support from the music community for Second Helpings.

The venues are next door to each other. In one venue 16 bands will all play one Clash song and one of their own and in the other venue the bands all play one Madonna song and one of thier own. This part will not mean anything to you non-musicians, but we do 10 minute changeovers, yes sir, only 10 minutes between bands.

I (Queen Bee Music) am also a financial sponsor this year.
This event is my favorite day of the year. For details and to purchase tickets, click here.


Kim said...

I CAN'T WAIT!! We had such a blast at last year's show!!

Wait 'till you see the sexy Queen Bee Nora in Barfly next've got quite the rack!

nora said...

Cool! I've always wanted one of those!