Saturday, November 10, 2007

can't say no nora

I think I was in my 30s before I realized that i didn't have to say yes to everything that anyone asked me to do. By then it was too late.
The habit was formed.

Which is way my feet hurt so damn bad this morning.

I set the alarm yesterday for 5:30 to finish up a 500 word piece for NUVO. When the editor assigned it she suggested that I might be too busy with Tonic Ball stuff to write it, and told me not to worry if I need to pass on it.
Ha, that sounded like a challenge!

A challenge that kicked my ass.

At 7:30 I was dressed for work (and I could not do the casual Friday thing because I was attending a luncheon and conducting some employment interviews) and dragging a mattress out to the curb. When my tenant moved out last week he left some stuff that I told him I'd take care of. Did you know that mattresses and box springs weigh a lot more when they are wet? I'd leaned them up against the garage and they'd gotten rained on. I stood there balancing the mattresses to make sure my newfound friend the trash guy would take it.

Mission accomplished, I raced off to work. It was a jammed packed day of committee meetings, an off-site luncheon (thanks to Bad Influence Girl for the invitation) a plumbing problem that um, arose while I was out of the building and interviewing potential kitchen managers. I worked until 6:00 and drove straight to Marigold where I worked until 9:30. The Broad Ripple Merchants hosted the Holiday Gallery Tour. The galleries and shops were open late and they were all collecting pasta for Second Helpings -- how cool is that?

While I was there I got a phone call asking me if I could come to work at the Red Key when I was done. I said "no" I had plans. The calls continued and I caved in. I called Bad Influence Girl and asked if we could meet at the Red Key, I'd be there by 10:00. I raced home, threw on jeans and drove to the Red Key. B.I.G. was surprised to find me behind the bar when she got there. Bartending was fun, I hadn't done it for a while. I enjoyed the groove of making drinks and chatting with customers.

I got home at 2:00 this morning took a hot shower and rolled in to bed with a book. I woke up at 5:30 when the alarm went off (I'd forgotten to change it), turned off the light and extricated the book that was now wedged under me and went back to sleep.

I hopped out of bed an hour ago and winced. My feet were killing me! Two asprin and my ass is back in bed watching cartoons.

It is kind of cool to have worked at all four of my paying jobs in one day...which reminds me -- my column for the Broad Ripple Gazette is due.


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Thanks for your visit, Nora....

I am exhausted just reading about your very long but-filled-with-exciting-things day....! You sure pack a lot into a 24 hour period...LOL! Well, at least you did that day!

Enjoy the cartoons!

Kim said...

I forgot to tell you...I talked you up the other day!

I was sitting at Scholar's Inn Bakehouse the other day with the baby (we go there every weekday at lunchtime for a break during our walk). I heard some people at the next table talking about the Gazette. Turns out it was the man who owns the paper! I said "you must know Nora then!" He said yes, and we extolled your various virtues back and forth.

You have many fans, woman!

King Tiger said...

I gotta stop at the Red Key some night for a drink when you are there.

Cliff said...

You've made me tired just trying to keep up with you.
Learning to say no is a talent I thought every woman was good at.

bad influence girl said...

It makes it difficult for me to be a bad influence when you're behind, not in front of, the bar, Nora.

Also, I can say with some authority that if sore feet is the worst problem that arises from your inability to say "no," you're doing OK.