Saturday, November 24, 2007

headache-y nora

I think that I upset the delicate balance of caffeine and lack-of-sleep that I typically operate on.
I had a horrible headache for almost 24 hours. I finally caved-in and slept for several hours this afternoon.

Another great day of doing a bunch of nothing.

Pool this morning, 3 hour nap and spent hours transferring content from my music Web site to my new music site.

We had dinner at the Island Cow. The biggest source of argument among the children is who gets to sit where in the car. It would be easy to figure out, but the prime seat changes from trip to trip. My nephew had a bit of a meltdown so we stayed in the van a bit longer to calm down while everyone else jumped out to wait for our table. We sat in the very back of the van and I cranked up the music. I taught him to play air guitar to the Southern rock song that was on the radio.

I think he has a future in playing pretend instruments!


Kim said...

It's our duty to teach youngsters about rock and roll, and air guitar is a most excellent place to start!

One of the first things I taught all the kids I've nannied is the answer to this question: "Who's the king of rock and roll?" If you ask them today, they'll still instinctively curl their upper lip and shout "ELVIS!"

Yes, I get paid to shape young minds. Kinda scary, no?

I hope your headache is better. Being sick in paradise is no fun.

King Tiger said...

I hope you have some Drive By Trucker's available. They are the true inheritors of the "Southern Rock Thang"

bad influence girl said...

Great job, Auntie Nora!

The Key was quiet without you there tonight. I did my best Band Practice Boy imitation and sat at a table (the bar was full) reading and sipping my drink.

Granny Annie said...

I notice you didn't attribute the headache to the jam session in the van.......... Lucky nephew to have such a talented auntie.