Sunday, November 11, 2007

crabby club nora

Bad Influence Girl, Nora, Kim

The first meeting of the Indianapolis chapter of the Crabby Club met tonight. We talked about our favorite posts, exchanged tips on cleaning coffee off the monitor from nose spewage and worked on the secret handshake. As you can see I'm making the Crabby Club C-claw, an integral part of the hand shake -- I'd tell you more, but it would be against the by-laws.

See what we're all a buzz about by clicking here.


crabbydad said...

So this is what life in Indiana has come to? And here I thought MY life was pathetic.

Hey, talk to my publicist. Maybe at the next meeting, if the price is right, I can be persuaded to do a dramatic reading of one of the posts. And for an extra $50, I'll stay home and send the spawnage in my stead.

Ralph's Homespun Headlines said...

Nora, I'm telling you this as a friend. Your Crabby Club might be more effective if the three of you were not smiling from ear to ear. Just my opinion.

nora said...

Crabby Dad, we thought your honorarium would be in the form of Trader Joe's goodies. And Innis wrapping paper.

Jamie Dawn said...

I had the same thoughts as Ralph.
You three look WAY too happy to be part of Crabby Club.


Nice photo!!