Sunday, November 25, 2007

relaxed nora

I dropped everyone off at the airport this morning.
I spent the day wandering, shopping, swimming, napping, watching television and reading.

Everything but writing my column.

I'm staying at a hotel that I love, I discovered it last year. Staying an extra day is a great way to ease myself back in to the real world. I've also learned that it is nice to have a decompression day after six days with the kiddies and parents.

Cable television, pool, wireless Internet access, a bathroom bigger than my bedroom at home and cool furnishings.

I may never leave.

Okay -- I'm going to start a minute...just one more chapter...hey what is on HBO?...maybe I'll just sent my alarm and get up early...

1 comment:

gel said...

Decompression day is a great idea.
Love the photos!
BTW, I love music. Not sure if it's the same taste as yours. Mine is eclectic- spans generations wayyyyy before me to some current music and a variety of genres.

My original blog here at blogspot, before I moved to typepad was entitled "Good Vibrations" for good vibes/feelings and for other reasons than music to encompass parts of my life.

Then, I titled every post with a song title and related it someway to my blog post. I often do that now but not always. (Current post is "Love Potion # 9". )

So you write music? Oh, I'm very interested. I like to write, but when a friend has sung something I wrote on the guitar to only a few of us, I think that was sheer kindness.