Thursday, November 22, 2007

thankful nora

Another gorgeous day on Sanibel Island.
I'm wearing my own clothes (although I was getting attached to that dress), I walked on the beach this morning looking for shells and swam this afternoon. I got to spend the whole day with my family and ate an amazing Thanksgiving dinner.

Clearly I have a lot to be thankful for. And not just for this vacation - I lead a good life.

But enough about that.
I've been chasing someone around the complex for the last three days. I first noticed him last year and I was thrilled to see him again.

I have not dared to talk to him directly. I snapped a few photographs with my lens stretched out as far as it would go and by lining the kids up in front of him and instructing them to duck when I said "cheese."

What does this mystery man posses that makes me sneak behind palm trees to get closer to him? And make Jamie Dawn proud?

The most glorious mullet that I have ever seen.

These photographs do not do his hair-do any justice.
The back of his hair is long - down to the middle of his back.
I'll work on sneaking up behind him tomorrow.


Kim said...

Ooohhh--secret mullet luuuuv. It's so dirty.

What happens on Sanibel stays on Sanibel. Just sayin'...

Granny Annie said...

Thanks for sharing your vacation stories. Now, about the mullet guy -- you've got me worried Nora! I'm thinking mafia connections.

King Tiger said...

Shouldnt this be subtitled

Tee said...

Is that Dog the Bounty Hunter? LOL.

How nice to be at the beach for Thanksgiving!

Chef said...

Should we be taking up a collection for bail money?

bad influence girl said...

The plumage, the mulletude, the gold!

gel said...

ohhhh, you kept the suspense UP. (ahem)...chuckling