Thursday, September 13, 2007

nora in new york magazine

First of all – Woo Hoo!

The Indianapolis music world is profiled in New York Magazine online.

The clearly brilliant Amy Zavatto highlighted Indy’s indie music spots.

Included are Radio Radio, Luna Music, Birdy’s, Red Key Tavern, Taste Café, the Monon Trail and the Broad Ripple Brew Pub. The related links section mentions -- ME!

"Peruse local music writer and gig booker Nora Spitznogle’s Queen Bee Music blog for concert reviews and ticket updates"


Jerry said...

They even spelled your name correctly. Woo hoo!

Rachel said...

Yeehaw!!! Congrats!!!

Rachel said...

Yeehaw!!! Congrats!!!

Kim said...

Very nice! The article actually makes Hoosiers NOT sound like inbred, farm-residing mouthbreathers. We like that.

Kudos on the personal mention!

Cliff said...

May I brag that I knew her before she was famous.
And to Miss Kim: "inbred, farm-residing mouthbreathers??" So...what's wrong with that?

Kim said...

I meant no offense, Mr. Cliff! It seems, though, that most people from "the big city" think all midwesterners sit on their porches and play the banjo.

I'm sure your farm is very cultured indeed! Nothing wrong with living there at all. In fact, the bucolic lifestyle holds a certain fascination for me. I look up to someone who can handle that sort of workload on a daily basis. I know I'm far too lazy to do it myself!

nora said...

Cliff was the first blogger that I, befriended. I've been to his lovely farm in Nebraska.
Plenty of culture in the town of Tekamah.

I thought the article was great also -- I agree, it was nice to read something about Indianapolis that did not mention how quickly you go get to Chicago to see music. Or John Mellonball.

Jamie Dawn said...

I'll second your Woo Hoo!!
No, I can't. Jerry beat me to it.
Okay, I'll third your WOO HOO!!!!!!

Nora and Indiana are ON THE MAP, baby!!

Cliff said...

No offense taken. Just kidding. I've rather enjoyed being an inbred, farm residing mouthbreaher. :)