Wednesday, September 05, 2007

little boys and things that shoot

I have not talked much my collection, but this blog is named Chez (French, from Latin casa, cottage -- pronounced 'shA) PEZ (acronym for the German word PfeffErminZ).

I have over 400 PEZ dispensers on display.

Besides the traditional character head dispensers, I also have some specialty pieces.
I'm not one of those collector nuts that has to have things still in the original box, but if they are still in the package I keep them in it.
One of my MIP (mint in package) pieces is a PEZ ray gun. As you can guess, they did not stay on the market for very long. You can imagine the "you'll put an eye out, Ralphie" potential with that toy.

I had a party Monday and the kids were hanging out in the house.
They live in a four bedroom lovely house in a suburb, so my urban lifestyle holds much fascination to them.
My laundry chute kept them entertained for half an hour, my cat was well-loved and I'm sure they ate their weight in PEZ candy.

My darling nephew wandered in to the backyard, tugged on my dress and asked "Auntie Nora, how does this work?"

Yes, the ray gun was out of the package.
Oh well, I've kind of always wanted to play with it anyway.

I loaded it up and told John he could only shoot the candy in to hands -- no mouths or eyes.
Guns are scary.
And as my friend Dean pointed out, it could be really dangerous if all of that sugar hit a diabetic.


Cliff said...

I would have killed for one of those when I was his age.

Tee said...

The last line is funny. LOL.

You're a nice Aunt for not getting mad. He's too cute.

I've never heard of a Pez gun. That sounds like too much fun.

(By the way - I grew up with a laundry chute. The novelty never wore off. It was fun to send things down it besides laundry... LOL.)

Granny Annie said...

I could not imagine being able to keep the ray gun pez in its package. I'm glad the nephew opened it.

We had a laundry chute. On day while playing hide-n-seek with a neighbor girl, she ran into the closet to hide and went down the laundry chute. There was nothing below to cushion her landing and she hit concrete. What a bloody mess she was. Her parents didn't let her come over to play anymore.

Jerry said...

I guess I was an accomplice. Your nephew gave me a Pez, dispensed from your Pez gun. It was kinda stale.

Hey, I'm only good at watching after old folks. Not so good monitoring the young 'uns.