Thursday, September 06, 2007

are you ready for some football?

Indianapolis is crazy with Colts love.
It was fun to be downtown today. Monument Circle was turned in to a giant stage.
I'm off to pop some corn.


Ralph's Homespun Headlines said...

Actually - No I am not ready for football. Like the game but consider it a Fall sport. You know what comes after Fall? Winter. What does winter do? Brings cold temerature and snow and makes us all stay inside and get grumpy.
You might have hit a nerve.

Jamie Dawn said...

Okay, I'm having trouble with your blog AGAIN!!
It would not allow me to comment on your previous posts, but it decided to let me get through on this one.

As for your personal clothing style... you are unique with a young flair to your choices. What's wrong with that?? Your niece is a doll.

The PEZ ray gun looks like fun. I love those PEZ candies. There are never enough in those dispensers though. I want to get PEZ by the handfuls.
Fellow blogger, TLP, has a daughter (ap3) who collects PEZ too. I haven't visited her blog in ages, but she used to have a really cool PEZ template.

I'm not a football fan, so I can't relate to the hype.
The greatest thing about football is the term "tight end." That has always cracked me up.

Rachel said...

I'm not into football. I never understood the game. Just a bunch of guys wearing padded clothes and falling all over each other, with lots of grunting and pats on the butt thrown in!