Wednesday, September 19, 2007

it's my potty, and i'll cry if I want too...

My intention was to post every day in September.
You can see how that is going for me.

Yesterday, Cliff suggested that maybe I was still on the hammock.

As I replied to him: Don't I wish! Since then I've worked a 9 hour waitressing shift, written a 1500 word column, attended three committee meetings (finance - yuck!), prepared for a board meeting, fought the New Jersey division of taxation, sat through the auditors report from our year-end and been heckled by a comedian.

I came home from work yesterday and took a bad nap -- you know the kind.
I woke up hot, sweaty, sad and pissed-off.

I made myself walk down to the Hostel for a show; Matt the Electrician was playing.

I live on the same street as the Hostel, just a few blocks south. I love my neighborhood for its diversity -- racially, socially and economically. For the most part my street is safe and I know most of the neighbors between my house and the Hostel. My biggest fear walking at night is that I'll get run over by someone parking on the sidewalk. That in mind, as I was stomping down the sidewalk (remember my not-so-pleasant mood), I was looking for cars driving down the street, not at where I was walking.

I tripped over this:

Yep, a toilet. The good news is --it was clean, I did not injure anything but my pride -- and I had my camera.

And my mood lightened considerably -- how could it not?

The music was great, and I made it home safely --with no potty mishaps.


Cliff said...

Did you have a nice 'trip'?
Usually if someone told me they had tripped over a toilet I would accuse them of having been into the juice. However, everyone knows, or should know that you always have to look out for cars AND toilets. What were you thinking?
And...just in case you got would come in handy.

Jamie Dawn said...

Did you stop and use the toilet?? I mean, it WAS conveniently located.
You should never vow to do something that you KNOW you cannot and will not do.
You posting every, single day would be a miracle. You are just too derned busy firing people and tripping over commodes.
That toilet would make a good planter in my neck of the woods. Heck! It could also be a punch bowl.

Jerry said...

I always knew you were a part of the potty crowd.

Ralph's Homespun Headlines said...

With all due respect, until I read this I didn't know there was such a thing as a bad nap.

Rachel said...

First of all I like the view from your hammock!

Of all things!! A commode right there on the sidewalk!! How convenient but not so private though!! I'm glad you didn't fall in!

Granny Annie said...

Have you thanked your lucky stars that it was a potty and not...
The Pillsbury Dough Boy?
A large pile of manure?
A bee hive?

And, how did you land when you tripped? Can you claim a bout of hugging the porcelain god?

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Well, how convenoent to have that potty right their in the street--in case..! (just kidding....)
If that was on the side of a street here in L.A., it would be gone in less than a Half-Hour! That is recycling at it's finest!