Wednesday, September 26, 2007

baby, baby or i think he loves me part 2

Any punk rocker worth their Doc Martens is a fan of the Vibrators.

The band formed in 1976 -- which was lifetime ago.
I think that band years are like dog years.
One actual year equals seven in the music world.

I finally got to see the band -- or what is left of it.
Knox is the only origional member.

I loved every second of it. I got to chat with Knox before the show started --meeting a punk rock idol with a charming British accent, of course I was all blushy and weird. I did not help that when I tried to buy a button from their merch table, he gave me the button and tried to convince me to purchase a pair of thong panties with the Vibrator logo instead.

The crowd consisted of aging punk rockers and young skateboarders.

I will say that I've aged better than a lot of my peers. I think being such a nerd has finally paid off.I was always too chicken to try drugs and too shy for getting in to too much trouble with boys.
There is a certain local musician that I've liked for 25 years at the show. I stood next to him while the band was playing. I can write great reviews of his music, but become tongue tied when it comes to an actual conversation.

The exchange:
DL: Hello Nora. Good to see you. I like your hair.
NS:[looking at her 20 year old biker boots] Umm, thank you.
DL: Do you have a favorite Vibrators song?
NS: Umm, Troops of Tomorrow and Baby,Baby is fun too.
DL: Good choices
NS: Umm, okay, see ya later.

I'm glad to see that something things have not changed in 25 years. I'm still the queen of awkward conversations.
Yep, I need flirting lessons.


Tee said...


You meet so many cool people.

Jamie Dawn said...

Maybe your last line to the guy you have a crush on should have been this:

NS: Would you buy me one of those Vibrators's thongs at the merch table?

Cool boots, BTW.

Fun times follow Nora wherever she goes...
or is it...
Nora follows fun times wherever they go??
Either way, there's fun where NORA is!!

My internet has been out of commission.
It's fun to be back at your place again!

Rachel said...

Glad you had such a nice time!

I like them boots!! Too bad you are tongue tied around him. Twenty five years is a long time!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I am ashamed to say I have never knowingly heard The Vibrators and so I am completely unfamiliar with their music!
Glad you got to stand next to one of your favorite Music Men...! Tongue tied or not....That IS exciting!

Kim said...

OOH Nora! I knew not of this unrequited love of a local musician! My brain is on overdrive trying to figure out who it might be...I have an idea, but I won't blurt it out here.

I'm fairly certain, however, that it's not Wayne. LOL!!!! He's not been around for 25 years.

Sometimes a crush is nice to keep close to your heart.