Wednesday, September 12, 2007

queen bee music

I have a statistic counter on my music Web site.
I wanted to see how many people actually visit (besides the porn spammers).
It was origionally the coffeehouse site. After CATH closed I booked music and used the site to promote my shows.
When more people signed up to read what I wrote than came to my shows, I knew it was time for a change.

More writing, less booking.

The Broad Ripple Gazette is not online so the site became a good place to publish my column.

I forget to check the counter, but when I do it is always entertaining.
My name gets Googled about once a week. I vacillate between pride and being creeped-out.

Most of the hits are for specific musicians, but there is also a good dose of goofiness thrown in.

Here are some from the last batch:

music lumber mill songs [now I want to hear some lumber mill songs]
country music girl bands comical [I would be comical if this country girl started a band --cow-punk for sure]
tecumseh flyers prince [prince on a sled?]
queen bee songs
queen bee night club
queen bee nightclub
queen bee music
queen bee chords
[Anyone want to start Queen Bee band/night club/nightclub?]
how big is the queen bee [about 20 pounds too much]
i need one agency where i can find one woman dancing for one man birthsday around queens [yikkes!]
mccormick grain separator [there have been several tractor hits ever since I wrote the State Fair piece]
the monday milkmen my african queen lyrics [this is just bizarre, but it also makes me sad -- my friend David Schultise was the bass player in the Dead Milkmen]
just fine just swear just now tambourine musica dance [tambourine musica is just fine to dance to, swear]
she was buzzin all over me [in a good way, or a bad way?]

Have a bee-utiful day!


Cliff said...

You and John Goerzen have something in common. Good writers but sometimes I just don't get it. Waaay over my head.
Talk about freaky, I've got a few of your pictures on my computer and a cup just like yours with copies all over the house.
If I decide to start printing large posters of you and hanging them all over my bedroom I may need to have you send me some more pics. You know, just for a little change.

Jamie Dawn said...

Yeah, but, I really wanted to know just HOW big IS the queen bee????