Sunday, July 22, 2007

sunday evening bike ride

My friend Maura and I rode our bikes downtown this evening.
The Monon Trail runs right outside my back gate.

My camera was perched in my bike basket (I have a wicker basket on my cruiser bike--any one surprised?), but decided not to take it at the last minute.
I'm afraid that I've been looking through the lens too much and not appreciating the scenery around me.
And, what could I possibly see on the five mile bike ride downtown that would be photo worthy?

Two of 'um.
The circus was in town. I've never been to the circus. I did not realized how huge the big top tent is.

We rode to the Cottage Home neighborhood for the Jungle Gym Jam. The musicians are friends and I knew the name of most of the kids dancing in front of the band (toddler Nora* is so cute!). The neighborhood is full of friendly people and great houses.
My bike tire was low and someone I just met pumped it up for me while I used her bathroom. Doesn't get more friendly that that!

The ride was bittersweet. Maura was offered a fabulous job last week and is moving to Portland. I met her the first week that I moved back to town. She and I have lived pretty parallel lives the last dozen years. She dated the guitar player of a band that often shared the bill with my guitar-playin' boyfriend's band. Both couples broke up the same month. We've shared dating woes. She's lost 20 pounds, I've gained...oppps, guess the similarities end there.

We rode by the circus on the way home-- and it was almost gone! In three hours they loaded up the animals and tore down the tent. Amazing.

* 3 year-old Nora is quite a pistol. I'll be at an event and hear:
Nora, stop touching that.
Nora, is that a good idea?
Nora, put the baby down.
Nora, do you have to go potty?

Whenever I hear my name I stop what ever I'm doing and and head to the bathroom.
Young Nora is newly potty trained. Nora's dad asked a friend of mine to compliment Nora on her pretty "big girl" panties -- I got teased a lot that night!


Teresa said...

I am sure your big girl panties rock!

Tee said...

LOL! That would be so odd to hear your name used in that context.

And you missed out on elephant pictures. Man!

You know the one day I forgot my camera, I drove by this farm that I drive by nearly everyday. And what should I see? The cows standing in the middle of the pond. (It was hot out.)

I raced back home and got my camera. When I got back - of course - the cows were back out in the field.

I've never seen them in the pond since.

(I can't believe I'm bitter about this. LOL.)

Rachel said...

Too bad that your friend is moving away, but that's life.

Doesn't take the circus folks long to get moving on does it? I guess since they do it so much they have it down pat pretty well.

Bella Rossa said...

Damnit, that happens to me all the time. Forget the camera, see elephants.

It's dumb, because Bella isn't my real name, but I still ping when I hear it out in busy public places - and it's usually people yelling at their dogs.

"Bella! Don't lick that!"

"Bella! Don't poop there!"

That sort of thing.