Tuesday, June 19, 2007

deep breath

To say that I've been feeling overwhelmed would be an understatement.

This is a busy week.
Finance committee meeting in the morning (what the hell I'm I doing blogging?), talk at a Kiwanis club tomorrow evening and Ted Nugent tomorrow night (with a backstage pass -- start the prayers now!). Wednesday brings a board meeting and a donors reception. Thursday is the agency executives meeting for United Way, Friday is graduation for the culinary class -- I will be speaking and the Meridian Kessler fundraiser dinner/dance (the only thing I like less than a dinner/dance is a dance with no dinner)that evening.

The finance meeting and the board meeting have me freaked out. I officially took the financial part over the last week in May. We're just looking at the May numbers and the year-to-date stuff, so I'm not technically on the hook for them. But I'm so afraid that I will not be able to answer a question.
Getting ready for the board meeting is taking twice as long as I thought it would. I worked today on making an offer to a bookkeeper and the usual stuff that happens in the course of a day of a not-for-profit agency that prepares and delivers 2900 meals and rescues thousands of pounds of food each day.

So, of course what did I have on tap for tonight?
Bartending at the Red Key.
I was so panicked that in my four minutes between jobs that I froze.
My craziness manifested itself into total indecision about picking out a tee shirt to wear to work.
After four shirts tried on and rejected I wound up with a plain black one.
I rolled my jeans up, stuck my hair up in a ponytail and ran out the door sans makeup.
I managed to look exactly as crazy as I felt.

So, we all know what happened.... three different guys that I am interested in came and sat at the bar. One of them that I've known for twenty-five years. His band used to play with my punk-rock buddies back in the day. One of the tee shirts I tossed on the floor? His old band.

I'm off to bed to toss and turn for a few hours.
I'll fall in to a deep sleep a good fifteen minutes before the alarm goes off.


Ralph's Homespun Headlines said...

Relax a little. At the finance meeting use the excuse you are still pretty new at this task. It'll work for a good six months. At the board meeting state that so aren't as prepared as you'd like to be as you ahve been spending all your time trying to get a handle on the finances.

Cliff Morrow said...

Good luck with it all Nora. If anyone can do it..you can'

Tee said...

Oh MAN! Bummer about the shirt. That would have been awesome! DARN IT! lol