Wednesday, May 30, 2007

indy 415

I celebrated the long weekend the only way I know how -- work, followed by more work.

I did have fun Friday night.
I met my friend Tammy, who shall now be known as Bad Influence Girl, after work. We enjoyed a rainy night in Broad Ripple.

Saturday morning brought the first Farmer's Market of the season.
I was there bright and early...okay...bright might be a bit of an was raining.
I book the music for the farmer's market. I wanted to make sure the musician was there and and not being electrocuted.

On the way home I stopped at the Newsstand.
I may have mentioned before that I gave them the coffee equipment and they hired the two full-time CATH employees.
I still feel very responsible for the espresso machine and the baristas.
Lisa was sick, so Matt gave her a ride home and I "watched" the counter for a few minutes.
I wound up waiting on several customers. Making cappuccino is a bit like riding a bike -- it all comes back to you. I had a blast.

I worked Saturday night at the Red Key and got my ass kicked.

Lots of folks were in town for the race. The Red Key is a place that people feel ownership of. Which is great, but there can only be one person in charge -- and that is me baby!
I wound up getting snappy with some people.
Which is almost expected at the Key.

I got home from work at 3:00 in the morning and had to be scrubbed, good smelling and lookin' pretty to work at Marigold at 11:00.
I sent this very obnoxious reply to a friends e-mail inquiring to my well being that morning: "I just got to see McDreamy and McSteamy on the television. Just knowing that they are in the same county made getting up to go to work today all worth it."
Actually, I do love the month of May in Indianapolis. The town is shiny and happy. And there is plenty of fun stuff to do.

I worked a long day at the clothing store (my feet still ache) and immediately went to sleep when I got home. I'm such a wuss.


Rachel said...

You sure are one busy person!

Your Farmer's Market has music??

Teresa said...

Isn't the month of May the best?

Cliff Morrow said...

Yes Nora, may is great in the midwest. No bout adoubt it. We went to a tee ball game tonight and I had a jacket on and I was still too cold.
I hope to someday pop into the Red Key on a Saturday night and become a Bad Influence also.