Wednesday, May 16, 2007

alive and exhausted

Hello lovelies,

Yesterday was another marathon work day.
Second Helpings from 7:00-5:00, the Red Key from 5:30-1:30.

I took a shower when I got home from the Red Key to wash off the cheeseburger and smoke smells and went to bed with wet hair.
Tragic results.
It took a series of wenches and pulleys to fix it.

I'm in the swing of the new job.
The new director of volunteers started last week! She's doing really well, which is great -- 'cause we only got to spend three days together.
The current executive director is leaving May 25 (instead of July 25) so I'm trying to cram 9 years of her institutional knowledge in to my pea brain.
Yesterday the finance committee looked at the budget for next year (starting July 1).
Board meeting this afternoon.

I'll be the terrified looking one with the lopsided hair.

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Bad Influence Girl said...

Nora, Nora....The dogs and I drove (OK, I drove, they rode) by Red Key last night and I thought I glimpsed you inside, but thought, "Nora's not crazy enough to work a weeknight after her regular job!" Rest, already!