Monday, May 21, 2007

bliggity blog

I'm getting ready to update my blog list, but I wanted to formally introduce my current blog roll.

I have known Jerry as long as I have known anyone. We met in 1967. I was in first grade and he was in second. We shared a classroom and a teacher at St. Joseph's school in Lebanon, Indiana.

Jerry writes about his life back on the farm and his family. He is very funny and his family gives him plenty of blogging fodder. In April Jerry took me to visit Cliff and Marilyn. I look forward to his Friday Sock Hops. He's giving me a great music education.

I credit/blame Jerry with getting me to blog.

I had the honor of meeting Cliff recently. He is absolutely as friendly and funny in person as he is on paper. He is adored (rightly so) by his family and community. He writes of family, farming and being on the county board. I have learned not to have a mouthful of coffee when I start to read his posts.

I don't remember how I first stumbled across Crabby Dad, but I know that I spent a good chunk of that day reading his posts. He knows how to turn a phrase and his language is not for the faint of heart. He routinely writes stuff that makes me laugh so hard that I cannot breathe and makes wish I could describe things as creatively he does.

He writes about his job telecommuting, his family and his quest for good tea and a wood pecker-less house.

Crabby Dad protects his anonymity. We did figure out that I probably served him a cup of coffee when he was in Indianapolis recording an album at the studio next to my coffeehouse. I think I know his real name (but if I tell you, I have to...). Jonee Quest, the sound engineer for the record told met that Crabby Dad's name was part of a song they recorded. Rumor has it he's also an excellent drummer.

[update: I wrote this post a few days ago - the Crabby household has achieved woodpecker free status. The problem has, resolved]

Jerry introduced me to this blog. SL's farm is full of stray animals and great stories. We have figured out that our uncles are friends. It's a small world!

I met Ralph though Cliff. Ralph and Cliff are married to former college roommates. Ralph is an honorary member of the Morrow family. Ralph is also very funny. I never will look at a Christmas Tree the same way again. DOR (daughter of Ralph) is getting married soon. I'm sure that will make for some fun stories. I look forward to meeting Ralph.

I discovered RF on Crabby Dad's blog. RF is an excellent writer. He's the guy I wish I could write like (with that last sentence I should not be allowed near a keyboard ever again). His posts do not stay up long and they seem to follow a theme. He's on a music kick right now. I know that he is a playwright and teaches. I look forward to reading anything he writes.

[update: in the last few days RF has taken down his posts -- I have faith that he will be back.]

I met the very talented Scott though Jerry. Scott is an award winning food writer (among other things). He wrote a great piece about one of our fundraisers and teaches at Second Helpings every 10 weeks to our culinary job training class. He is doing more and more writing, and I'm always proud to flip open a magazine and see his byline.

Rachel does an excellent job of telling us about her surroundings and does a great job posting photos--and jokes. I never leave Rachel's place without a smile.

I don't know how I first ran across Tee's blog, but I do know that I posted on her blog long before I did on anyone else's. She writes of family (the good, bad and ugly) and the world. I try to respond thoughtfully to what she writes about, and in turn that makes me think. She motivates me in ways that she will never know. I turned a closet in to a office because of one of her posts.

I wish we lived closer so I could babysit -- let her and her husband have a date night.


Jerry said...

I take all the credit and none of the blame, for getting you to blog. You're a natural at it. Like a duck to water, so to speak.

Also, glad you came along to Nebraska to meet the Morrows. That was a fun trip.

Who can we go visit / annoy next?

Cliff Morrow said...

Well Jerry, you can come back to Ne if you bring Nora. Good times eh?
Nora, thanks for the mention, the feelings are mutual. I'm glad I now know you on a personal level too.
On your last blog I find it a great idea, your Mom retiring from church. Baptists just keep going til they die...or did she work there?
I have about 46 comments for your 46 things post. I loved it and will reread and comment later. I gotta to. bye

Tee said...

Wow :) Thanks so much, Nora. You've given me a big smile today.

You're on my blog roll, too but mine isn't published on my blog. I keep mine at :)

gel said...

Hi Nora,
I figured it's time for me to try to read more folks on Cliff's and Ralph's blogrolls before Blogfest fun!

Oh, this is a heartwarming post on so many accounts! To read of you and Jerry met just a few years back (I like to kid) and that he brought you to NE to meet Cliff & that wonderful clan I've wanted to meet since I think it's over 2 yrs now.

Now, I'll go read your current post. :)