Thursday, May 31, 2007

freezer burn

I sometimes go weeks at a time with out opening my freezer door, and only then for the rare times that I need an ice cube.

I opened the up the freezer on Monday to find that something bad had happened.
The little tube that drains the water from condensation had fallen out.
All of the water drained in to the freezer, creating some bizarre atmospheric event. It reminded me of a sleet storm covered by a thick layer of snow. I started chipping a crazy assortment of stuff out of there.

I always joke that I've got the perfect wardrobe for my fantasy life.
Dress for a moonlight cruise? Check
Linen suit for a weekend at the shore? Check
Boots for a trip to New York? Check
Sweater for sitting by the fire apres ski? Check
Outfit for waitressing on a Saturday night? Not so much

My freezer was operating on that the same theory with a good dash of nostalgia thrown in.
I pitched some steaks that I'd purchased with the idea that I'd be ready for an impromptu cookout.
Cookies and muffins from CATH.
Hail from the big storm last year.
Sweet corn from the farm.
Chili from a batch that AVS made for me.
Chocolates from Saint Valentine's Day.
Bags of marshmallows that I throw in the freezer each Thanksgiving after making Grandma's cranberry salad.
No Grandma!

I did run across something that gave me pause --a little plastic container labeled "lime juice 8-1-97"
I'm sure it was the left over lime juice from baking for the State Fair that year.
I had to keep it. It has lasted longer than any of my boyfriends.


Jerry said...

We had a similar event at Mom & Dad's. The water lead into the ice maker was bent, thus shooting water all over the freezer. It was one big iceberg. Had to defrost (pans of boiling water sitting on a hot pad does the trick) and use up all food that thawed.

Think of it as a cleansing fire. Time to throw that stuff away anyhow.

Teresa said...

That is hilarious. The lime juice is probably in better shape and more faithful too.

Cliff Morrow said...

Hi Nora,
The last line had me laughing. I suppose the lime juice might be 'warmer and sweeter' than a few of the boyfriends too.