Thursday, May 24, 2007

the nuge

I have attended two committee meetings already this morning, starting at 7:30.
The second meeting was with the governance committee. They look at board leadership and present the slate of new board members.

I'm confident in my skills as director of operations, but working with a board and advisory committees is all new to me. And I'm feeling a little anxious about it.

Someone asked me for the date of the next board meeting and I flipped my calendar open to the week of June 18th. The committee looking at my calender saw:

June 18: Work Red Key
June 19: Ted Nugent at the Vogue
June 20: Robert Earl Keen at the Music Mill
June 22: Goat at Radio Radio

I think the time has come for a separate work calendar.


Jerry said...

Better keep it on just one calendar. Those late nights could affect what happens in the board meeting the next day.

Cliff Morrow said...

NEVER run two calenders at once. I've tried that and it doesn't work.
Maybe they make one of those screens for calenders like they do for computer screens that make it impossible to read unless you are directly in front. (a tip on handling boards: don't expect them to do anything but say yes and no to you. Long story here, we'll talk sometime.)
Now as for your list. I have read it 3 times and it makes me smile everytime. I read it once out loud to Marilyn and we had quite a laugh and have both decided that you write 'cute'. And we love it. Don't ever stop. Your last one about being happier than you've ever been really shows.

Jamie Dawn said...

LOVE it!!

Stick to one calendar. It gives you mystery and weirdness and uniqueness.

Nora be one, cool chick!

Ralph's Homespun Headlines said...

One calendar. Two will really mess up your life. Just develop a little code system that only you understand. Boards and committee's - go to the doctor and get some blood pressure medicine - you'll need it.

Rachel said...

LOL!! Goat???

Ah heck, I'd just stick with one, that way things won't get mixed up!!