Wednesday, May 16, 2007

alive and lazy

I'm sitting on my screened-in front porch.
The weather is nice and cool. Perfect.
I like where I live, but I love it the most this time of year.
I have a fabulous porch and amazing back yard. With a dozen mature trees it is shady and private.
It is so shady that I have to plant the tomatoes and pumpkins in the front yard.
Once a farm girl always a farm girl.

I survived today's board meeting (or is it Board Meeting?).
I had a beer with my brother after work and dinner with a friend.
Both very enjoyable activities that did not help get the laundry done or the floor swept.

If this were an anonymous blog (just try flying under-the-radar with a name like "nora" or "spitznogle") I would share work and family stories.
And they are doozies...the stories - and my work and family.

Off to bed -- tomorrow is another day, thank goodness.

1 comment:

Cliff Morrow said...

Trust me. It's spelled 'Bored Meeting.'
BTW, you are a delight to read Nora. Thanks!