Tuesday, November 14, 2006

time to quit this cheesy putting "time" in the title

Hello folks,
I’m not doing a good job of blogging. I do love reading everyone else’s blog. I’m glad to hear the Jerry and Cliff had a successful and safe harvest. Happy Anniversary Ralph, Tee—I hope you’re feeling better and welcome home Crabby Dad. If I ever have a free hour, I’ll figure out how to link those blogs.

I’m sitting in the conference room of a construction company waiting to give a talk for the United Way campaign. I’m a “torchbearer” for Second Helpings. This time of year I give at least three talks a week to companies about what we do. Apparently I’m funny and people enjoy me.
Believe me, it’s hard to talk about hunger while people are eating waffles.
This just happens to be a barbeque luncheon. And they are running late. I arrived here at 10:45 and now I’m not going to speak until around noon. If I were not so overwhelmed at work and feeling like my head is going to explode, I’d enjoy the break.
I do like doing these, even though it can be nerve wrecking (or is it wracking?). I’m never quite sure whom I will be taking to. I give a lot of talks at factories and places where I need to put on a hardhat and a haz-mat suit. It seems I play well to union folks and construction workers. Which is where I feel comfortable, so it works out for everyone.

Speaking of sensible shoes, I went to a gala (with a capital G) Saturday night. As you know, I’m single. Asking a date to one of these black-tie optional things is tricky. Plus it’s a fundraiser for the guild that I’m a member of, so I had the 10:00 pm—midnight volunteer shift. Honey, can you hold my purse?
I asked my Dad to go with me and he backed out a couple of days before the dinner. How pathetic is that? A single woman’s worst nightmare…my Dad got a better offer! I was telling the story at my favorite morning coffee stop, the Northside Newsstand. My friend Matt offered to go, “I have a suit” was all I needed to hear from him. Matt was a great escort (wing man, was his term), I think he knew as many people as I did, he’s very interesting and indeed he looked great. It was fun to dress up and wear wildly uncomfortable, but sexy shoes. It was an expensive evening. As a member of the Christamore House Guild I am required to buy two tickets to the event ($150 x 2=$300), I had to give up my Red Key waitressing shift (loss of at least $100), hair cut/color ($80 + tip) parking ($10—I opted not to valet park the S-10 pick-up truck--and Matt has a nice suit, but not the most reliable car) and a round of cocktails at the swanky hotel ($20 +tip).
I had a better time before I added that all up!
No wonder I have two part time jobs.


Ralph's Homespun Headlines said...

I have learned going to things like the gala are a lot more fun if you DON'T add up the cost. Sounds like you had a good time.

Tee said...

The Gala sounds FABULOUS! I've never been to such an event. I can't believe your own father backed out. ROFL. I'm glad you found a great escort though.

You're doing a fine job of blogging! I enjoy reading your posts :)

Jerry said...

Stood up by your father? Now that's funny. Especially since I know him.

Sounds like you had fun anyways.

Tee said...

Happy Thanksgiving!