Tuesday, May 01, 2007


I helped my mom with an event at her church.
Matthew Kelly spoke to a full house, um church.
He spoke about being the best person you can be.
Some of his be-the-best-person-you-can-be ideas included no junk food, no television or coffee.

And you should exercise and stuff.

All good ideas, of course.

On the way home stopped by the movie theatre and bought a ticket to the only thing showing at 10:30.
Blades of Glory.
Medium popcorn,a soda and Will Ferrell for dinner.
So much for we are what we eat and expose ourselves to.

Maybe tomorrow.


Teresa said...

Matthew Kelly is quite in demand as a speaker. He started out peddling a self publishing book of his and look where he is now.

Jerry said...

Why rush it? There's always next week...or year.

Ralph's Homespun Headlines said...

Just remember his advice is his opinion. It is not what is best for everyone or for that matter - you

Rachel said...

No junk food?? I'd have to stop eating, since that's about all I eat these days. Oy!