Sunday, April 29, 2007

sleepy mcsleeperton


The usual busy week, jury duty, several talks (including a panel discussion at Ball State), yoga, hair cut, all-day accounting class (trying to stay awake during all-day accounting class) working all three jobs, writing 2000 words for the Gazette and three articles for NUVO.

I was really looking forward to attending a party celebrating the 10th anniversary of the film "Going All the Way" tonight.
The Dan Wakefield coming of age book was made in to a movie.
Starring Ben Affleck (before he was Ben Affleck).
A good chunk of the book is set at the Red Key Tavern.
And the bar was used in the movie.
I did not work there then, but I was one of the folks lurking on the sidewalk during filming.
The party started at 7:30.
I woke up at 10:00.
Double damn it.

I went out with my friend MA on Friday.
We had a fun evening of music and art.
(band practice boys band)
And we also talked a lot about boys.
MA had been spending some time with a guy that I kind-of know.
Things had apparently been going well, but he has not contacted her for over a week.
I was defending him -- maybe he's been out of town, really busy with work, broke both of his hands, etc.

We were driving back to the neighborhood from downtown and passed his house.
He lives on a busy street, we weren't driving by on purpose.
(not that I have not done such things)
He was having a freakin' party!
Music, laughter and people spilling out on his porch.
Even I, master of the spin could not explain that away.

I suggested that we stop at the Red Key on the way home.
This development required discussion over a beer.
MA chatted with some folks on the way in, I grabbed a table.
The guys at the next table said hello.
I nodded back.
One of them asked me "if I had accepted Jesus Christ as my savior."
I'm Catholic, we do this stuff in the privacy of our homes, not in bars at midnight.
I went to the restroom (it's two rooms, very small -- sink in one room, potty in the other).
A woman that I sort-of know from came through the door to the sink room.
T:Nora, do you find me attractive?
N: Yes T, you're adorable, are you okay?
T: No, I feel awful, tired, blah blah....
N:[shifting from foot to foot, looking longing at the bathroom -- I was in there for a reason] T, you look great you're amazing.
T: [bursts in to tears] No I don't.
Anyway, I convinced her that she was having a bad body image day, and sent her out the door.
Before I could order a drink, the waitress was asking me if I could work a Monday in July.
Um, okay.
Then she launched a really long story, never taking our order.

MA and I wound up going to Steak and Shake.
Cheeseburgers and french fries are just as good for the soul as a beer.

Anyway, I only slept five hours Friday night, wrote all day and worked at the Red Key from 5:00 'til 2:00.
I worked at Marigold from 11:00-6:00.

I came home and laid down for "just fifteen minutes"
Famous last drowsy words.

I missed the party, but my feet sure do feel better.
Maybe I'll be invited to the 25th anniversary celebration.


Jerry said...

I always tell people I can hang with the young kids and party all night. I just can't get up for two days afterwards. I have no rebound. Must be an over-40 thing.

Rachel said...

You are keeping very busy Nora! I have been trying to catch up on my sleep. Sometimes I wonder if it's possible?