Sunday, October 07, 2012

speaking of pie...

How much pie is too much pie?

If you would have asked me that two weeks ago, my answer would have been: there is no such thing as too much pie. 

Today the answer is: fourteen. 

I belong to the board of School On Wheels, and they do amazing things in our community. The one hour that I tutor is always the best hour of my week.

A group of social media folks put on Pie Wars and as a member of the social media community I was asked to be a judge. I was on the cream and pumpkin pie team - and there were twelve entries. Yep, I tasted twelve different pies, and I'll admit to tasting a couple of them twice. The winner of my group was Joe Shoemaker's yummy sugar cream pie.

After that we tasted the winners in the other categories (fruit and nut) to crown the winner.

Fourteen bites of pie is a lot of pie. But all for a good cause and worth every single Weight Watchers point. I'll keep you posted on pie wars 2013.

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