Monday, October 08, 2012


I'm leaving for Austin tomorrow.

I have a photo pass for the Austin City Limits Fest. I'll be writing and shooting photos for Ghettoblaster Magazine. 

As you can see my suitcase is pretty small. I've got it down pat after five years. Cotton skirts, Indianapolis-centric tees, vintage Converse All Star shoes, a going to church dress, and plenty of undies.

Hauling my MacBook, camera, three lenses, and all of the cords necessary takes up more room.

And lest you think I'm crazy for announcing on the World Wide Web that I'm leaving town for a week absolutely anything of value that I have is going with me. If you swing by the house please water the plants.

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Granny Annie said...

I had moved Ron's guns before we left and thought I had told him. When we returned earlier than planned I heard him calling me with worry in his voice. He noticed the guns were missing and was ready to call the police. Oops. We did announce to just about everyone that we were leaving town and now I fear that the bad guys might not get the word that we came back early and come here while we're here. Yikes! Our van was so loaded with medical equipment there is no way we can pack light.