Thursday, October 04, 2012

behind the scenes

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Have you ever exactly what the inside of Second Helpings looks like?

Now you can take a peek!

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Some tips for taking the pictorial tour:
• On the upper right corner there is are two icons. Click on the one with four squares for full screen viewing.
• The wheel in the upper left corner will let you move around the room for the full 360 view.
• In the middle of the bottom of the photo arrows will appear that will move you from room to room. Suggested path is to start in the classroom, move straight through the door to tour the cafeteria, from there tour the cooler, blast chiller and production kitchen. From there go down the hallway to the storeroom areas, loop through the garage, to the dry storage, back through the cafeteria and end in the lobby.

How cool is that?

Visit TourTheMap to see other examples of thier work, and read about their Second Helpings experience by clicking here.

Thankfully they did not photograph the top of my desk. I don't think that they had enough cameras to do justice to the stacks of papers and such.

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