Monday, June 25, 2007

the good, the bad and the ugly

The good:
I totally goofed off yesterday. I slept in, took a walk to the newsstand (in the rain -- woo hoo), wrote for a little bit and went to a parade. The town of Fishers throws a parade the weekend before Independence Day every year. It was fun to see my niece and nephew in action. We went back to J.R. and company's house. J.R. grilled out, my cousin Jim and his family joined us and a couple of J.R.s employees stopped by. The big attraction was Molly's birthday present -- a trampoline! This was not the trampoline of my era. It is round with the springs underneath and a big mesh wall all the way around it. It was a blast and a good workout.

The bad:
I totally goofed off yesterday. The column for the Gazette was due (on Wednesday, actually), my nominations for NUVO's "best of" issue (complete with blurbs)and a 500 word piece about a fundraiser for a public radio station in south-central Indiana (that I had not even started). I came home with a belly full of barbecue and good cheer. Instead of working, I went to bed, setting my alarm for 5:00 am.

The Ugly:
I woke up at 7:30 in a panic. I raced to work. I got the day started at Second Helpings, had a 9:00 meeting, wrestled with my conscience -- and worked on my writing stuff.
I justified it, knowing that I have a whole vacation day that I'm not going to be able to use before the fiscal year is over. I pounded out the work (some good stuff too) and was done by noon.


I have to tell a story on myself about Molly's 5th birthday.
This weekend is typically super busy for me.
The Twilight Tour party is Friday (I ran the Silent Auction for years).
The MKNA Home Tour is Saturday and Sunday, I typically waitress Saturday night, and I always forget to ask for Sunday off.
Sweet Molly's birthday is smack in the middle of this.
I usually run on a few hours sleep for the whole weekend.
Two years ago I went straight to the birthday party from working at the clothing store.
Dinner was over by the time I arrived, so I ate birthday cake and drank two of Anna's famous margaritas.
I started feeling a little icky, so I laid down in their guest room.
My nephew came in a started jumping on the bed, and I started feeling really icky.
I shooed him out of the room, closed the door and fell asleep.
I woke up at 2:00 am.
I tip-toed downstairs and found my keys tucked in to my sandals.
I left a note: Auntie Nora had to "sleep off" the Barbie cake.


Rachel said...

Now that trampoline sounds like fun!! You are so busy! You must just abound with energy!

Sleeping off the Barbie cake huh?? Good one!!! That was quick thinking Nora!! LOL

Jamie Dawn said...

Those Barbie cakes can really pack a punch!

I wouldn't be able to function on only a few hours of sleep over a weekend.
I stand in awe of the level of your stamina!
The Good is always better than The Bad and The Ugly. You know things are REALLY horrid when it goes from The Good to The Bad to The BUTT Ugly.