Thursday, July 05, 2007

happy birthday jerry

Go wish Jerry happy birthday. We celebrated his birthday at the Herr extravaganza yesterday.

Here he is looking at his book of blogger birthday wishes. Thanks to those who contributed, and I apologize to you that I did not get ahold of.

July 4 has turned in to one of my favorite days. My whole family is together. Sister Ann and and her husband, Tim are visiting from Phoenix. I met them and my papa at the parade.

My best-friend-since-first-grade Ann Herr Mitchell and the rest of the Herr clan were there.

We've always parked ourselves on the lawn of a Herr relative. Mrs. Darnell died this winter. Another family friend purchased the house. We told Norma that we (and bathroom privileges) came with this house.

I adore the parade. Lots of 4-H'ers, Boy Scouts, karate clubs, dump trucks and farm equipment. The old tractors always make me teary.

Mr and Mrs Herr --I still can't call them by their first names, they've been Mr and Mrs Herr for 40 years, host a cook-out and fireworks party. I love seeing my niece and nephew play with the other kids on the same yard that we ran around in.

We've gone from kids with enough weed pulling money saved to purchase sparklers and snakes to adults with disposable income and a penchant for fireworks.

The show gets bigger and better each year. The boys set up the goods on a flat bed trailer and put on a forty minute show. It is quite amazing. Half of the fun is seeing the guys scurry around in the dark lighting the fireworks with a blow torch.


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Cliff said...

Teary? Great line.
Your day sounded very familiar to me. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself.