Wednesday, April 30, 2008

month end wrap-up

Wow! How can April be over already? I still have so much to accomplish this month.
Like train for the Mini Marathon and clean the house and work on the yard and lots of other stuff.

April 1-Dinner with my dear cousin Sarah and her beautiful family.

April 3- The first ever central Indiana Nonprofit Congress Town Hall meeting. I was thrilled be included in the planning committee and the event generated great energy in the community. You can watch a video recap here.

April 4- I went to Lafayette with my friend Mark to help him pour beer at a fundraiser. He works for a local beer distributor. I had a blast being at a fundraiser that I didn't have a big role in. I ran in to some old friends and thoroughly enjoyed myself.

April 5- Have a nice trip? I decided that I'm going to try not to drive at least one day a week, for several reasons - gas prices, carbon footprint, the need the exercise and I live within walking distance to everything I need. I was walking to work at the Red Key and fell harder than I ever have before, including the tragic roller blading incident of 1998. It was more like sidewalk surfing. I skidded to a stop on my wrists, knees and elbows. My iPhone flew out of my pocket hit the sidewalk and landed in a yard. My camera bounced off the street and the batteries went scattering in four directions. I caught my breath, dried my tears and walked back home to bandage up, change clothes and drive. I realized that my watch was gone. I found it in the yard of the house I'd fallen in front of. Ugggh.

April 7 & 8 -My nonprofit hero Robert Egger was in town. See our feet here.

April 10- The last Golden Gloves match of the season for me, my friend Kipp joined me. I can't believe how much I love the matches and being in the armory. 

April 13- Mr. Herr died. Thanks for everyone's kind words. It still does not seem real to me.

April 17- Woke up to an earthquake. It was kind of a fun way to start the day. I giggled and fell back asleep.

April 17 & 18- The Book and Author event.

April 25- Bad Influence Girl, Jerry and I went to see Justin Townes Earle.

April 26- Kim and Bill's wedding.

April 28- Mom treated Beth, Ron and me to Wait Wait, Don't Tell Me's Peter Sagal. I can't wait wait to start his book. Great fun!

April 29- Second Helpings is 10 years old! Woo Hoo!

April 30- I was honored to be part of of the presidents roundtable for Indy Hub. I was a panelist for their discussion on volunteerism. The roundtable was held in the very cool, very historic Morris-Butler House.

Those were the highlights, there was plenty of work tucked in between.

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