Friday, April 25, 2008

in my next life...

...I'll be one of those women that never trips over her own feet, can apply flawless makeup, wear skinny jeans, pointy toe shoes, gets manicures, has a clean house, belongs to a book club, speaks French and has a fancy handbag. 

In the meantime I need to learn how to take care of my things. 

The new computer was delivered at work on Tuesday but I didn't take it home until Thursday. I worked late and had events on Tuesday and Wednesday and didn't get home until midnight each night. I knew if I brought the computer home I'd stay up even later goofing around. 

Thursday evening was great. I got home in time to mow the lawn for the first time this year --for the first time since it's been 'my house, my yard.'  The mower started up on the first pull and I finished five minutes before the rain began. I popped a bowl of popcorn and sat in my living room with the door open, lights off and candles lit. The house smelled great- rain, springtime, freshly cut grass and the scent of a candle that I bought in Ireland. I didn't turn on the television all night (even though the pull of Ugly Betty, The Office and Grey's Anatomy was pretty heavy). I sat in my grandpa's old rocker in the dark and wrote and rocked and thought and rocked and wrote and enjoyed being in my house. 

Around 11:00 I put my hand on the top of the computer to shut the lid and made a horrible discovery. I honestly thought I was going to faint. The beautiful smelling Belleck candle from Ireland candle had melted a spot on the top of the computer. 

I chided myself for being so careless and promised myself that I would take better care of my computer. I'd only had it home for six hours and it was already scarred. 

The next morning I was multi-tasking. Listening to morning radio, straightening my hair and emailing with Kristi about a guest comedian (I thought he sounded cute, she set me straight- something about a 'go funny' eye). Did I mention that I had the computer perched on the sink, just like I'd done hundreds of mornings with my old laptop? I walked away to let the cat in and heard a loud crash. 

A sick feeling washed over me. I ran to the bathroom and the MacBook was open, face down on the new tile floor. 

As you can see the computer survived, but I felt horrible. If there was a protective services division for Apple they would have taken the computer away, I'm just sure of it. 

So, from now on, the computer only gets opened on a table. No writing in bed or checking email on the ironing board or blogging in the hammock. 

And in my next life I'll have a home office. 


Jerry said...

And in your next life, I'll come over and organize your home office.

Granny Annie said...

Perhaps we could take up a collection to hire a body guard to protect your computer. I would imagine it would need to be a handsome, intelligent, muscular fellow, who would accompany you and Apple 24/7 don't you?

nora said...

You are so smart!
Do you think he comes with the Apple protection plan that I purchased?

Jamie Dawn said...

You're so abusive!
I don't speak French or have a fancy handbag or any of those things on your list. Oh well, we normal people survive okay, don't we? Our laptops don't fare so well though.
Blogstock is almost here. I'm not doing so well on losing those 20 pounds we talked about, so I better get to work on it.... in my next life.

Tee said...

LOL. Do I need to adopt your computer until you complete Electronic Care classes, Nora? ;)

Elizabeth McQuern said...

Oh my gosh! Terrifying. I lost an early laptop just this way. I bumped it off the bed and it hit the floor. The monitor cracked, and everything.

Needless to say, I am extremely overprotective of my MacBook.

Ralph said...

I have a pretty good imagination, but I would have never imagined myself sitting here feeling sorry for a laptop – but here I am.

Ramblings of a Villas Girl said...

Hi Nora! Don't become those things in your next life. That is to boring. Just be you and have fun. I do feel bad about the laptop. Look at this way, it's built to last. Lisa

Cliff said...

Nora, thanks, I read the popcorn comment and had asked MK to pop some ...and she DID it!!
This computer of yours may require some extra insurance coverage. I remember reading in a farm magazine about a company who is making a 'rough service' computer for farmers. And Nora's.

Rachel said...

Oh my gosh Nora!! Your poor computer. I do think it would be taken away by protective services if there were such a thing for computers!! Maybe you could wrap it in'd probably burn it up then..