Saturday, April 05, 2008

computer update *sniff*

I shouldn't have been so harsh on the computer repair guy. He went above and beyond for me and at half the cost. My frustration was with the time it was taking. To be fair, I'm horribly impatient. 

The bottom line is that there is something wrong with the logic board. The computer burned through two new air port (wireless) cards within hours of being installed. In my computer the wireless and Bluetooth cards are combined. The computer is recognizing the Bluetooth (which I don't use) but not the air port. The repair would cost more than my beloved iBook is worth. 

I can still plug in to a data line (which is how I'll transmit this post at the newsstand). The problems are that I cannot connect at home. I have the house set up for wireless for both sides and include it as part of benefits to my tenant (how modern am I?). Right now the router is on the other side of the house. I can move it my my side (that is already in the works) and plug in. But I do an awful lot of writing sitting on my sofa, laying in bed and in the backyard. It is helpful to have Internet access when I'm writing for fact checking names, dates, Web addresses and goofing around on other blogs. 

So, unless I get an awfully long cord, I'm out of luck. 

These weeks with out a computer have made me realize how much work I do at home. Not only the music writing but for Second Helpings and my volunteer commitments. You would think that with no computer at home that my house would be sparking and that I was exercising and writing letters. Nope. The house is a minefield of piles of books, newspapers, shoes, CDs and Twizzler wrappers. I'm wildly behind on a feature story that I'm writing for NUVO and I haven't been to Blog Church in a month. 

I'm computer shopping. I'm sure I'll get another Apple laptop. I'll made enough money at NUVO this year to justify buying a one. I just need to wrap my head around it emotionally. The iBook was a good computer for me and got me on the road to writing. I guess it is like a new car or a first love, I'll always remember it fondly. 


Jerry said...

I went to my first Apple store down in Houston. Wow! They have a huge monitor that me and my fellow blind friend Pam were drooling over.

Get something quick. We miss our Nora!

Kim said...

Those Air Books are amazing. They weigh NOTHING--less than my purse! I don't know how functional they are, though.

bad influence girl said...

Oh no! I feel as though we should have some sort of memorial service for your iBook when you get a new computer.

Oh, how those Apple commercials taunt me...

Rachel said...

No blog church for a month? I knew someone was missing!! Your virtual pew has been empty.

Good luck with getting a new computer!

Cliff said...

You'd think with all the trouble there seems to be with those that there would be more repair shops about.
Do I need to come out there to see the pics from the trip?

Ralph said...

Houses, cars, and computers I hate buying all three. Computers are the worse mainly because I hate learning me programs. And they are always changing. Good luck!

Teresa said...

I am to the point I need to buy a new laptop too. And, just when the sales tax went up!

I saw the nice spread in Indianapolis Woman on Second Helpings.