Wednesday, April 23, 2008


All of my world collided, in a good way. I got to write about Second Helpings for NUVO's Green Guide.

Here is a link to the pdf for the guide. My piece is on page 25.

I like the contributing writers blurb they did for me.
I also like being called a contributing writer!

Nora Spitznogle
When she’s not busy writing for the Broad Ripple Gazette, or contributing music stories to NUVO, Nora Spitznogle works at Second Helpings, the city’s largest food rescue operation that not only averts tons of perishable food from landfills, it redistributes the food to those who might otherwise go hungry. Given its multilevel greenness, we asked her to share Second Helpings’ story and success with you.


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Jamie Dawn said...

I tried to go to that link, but it would not load.
The blurb they did about you is nice. It's true too, which is really nice.
Good for you, Nora.