Tuesday, April 22, 2008

woo hoo!

It's here! In all of its sleek-just-out-of-the-box-glory.

I look pretty darn happy!*

Here are the two computers getting ready for the transfer of information. I think it involves magic.

Alas, the iBook had to break my heart one more time.
There is something terribly wrong with the disc drive. I tried to put the disc in and met some serious resistance. I tried a blank disc just in case. Good thing- it ripped through the disc. Ugggh. So, the new computer is set up and the old information is still on the iBook.

I do feel like I owe the iBook a bit of a send off. It was my first-ever new-to-me computer and my first laptop. It launched the Buzzing Around Town column for the Broad Ripple Gazette and started my freelance gigs for NUVO. The computer allowed me to do Second Helpings work at home and keep my life organized. I discovered social networking, blogging and the power of Google. I hauled that laptop all around the country and Ireland. Many nights I fell asleep with it at my side. It became a bit of a security blanket for me.

I’ve come a long way since I unboxed that computer over two years ago. For the first six months you could find me parked out side of the Newsstand or the Hostel at night, grabbing the wireless signal that wafted through the windows. I’ve become a better writer (practice, practice, practice) and a better photographer. I’ll remember the iBook fondly, just like my first record player, first car and my first apartment. But I can’t wait to explore the MacBook.

*Check out the Morrow Kennels red cup on my desk. And the beautiful housewarming butter dish gift from Susan near the blue paper. I have a bee collection on top of my monitor, the one on the edge made by me, with pipe cleaners. Over my bulletin board there are Polaroid snapshots of me with people in costume - a New York Apple, Boomer from the Pacers, Santa Otis and Santa Greg. On my bulletin board there is the clipping of Mr. Krudy's obituary and a photo of Mr. Herr. There is a 4-H sticker and a copy of the first piece I wrote for NUVO and a copy of the first check I got for writing. The yellow notebook paper is suggestions that my nonprofit hero, Robert Egger gave me for the next Tonic Ball.

Hows that for a little slice of my life?


Rachel said...

Oh goody, you got the new computer!!! Yes, you do look very happy in that picture!!

terah said...

Congrats! I can't imagine being computer-free! (Don't tell John I said that or else he'll try to say I'm a geek. As if he isn't one.)

Also, does the delivery guy know he's on a blog now? He doesn't look nearly as happy as you do.

nora said...

I think the delivery guy was a little startled and felt a little ambushed. I work in a building that you have to be "buzzed" in to and I can see who is at the door through a monitor. I rushed the door with my camera. It was also the poor guys first trip here.
Now, the UPS guy would have been happy to pose...last week he jumped out of his truck at a stop light to give me a big kiss. That brought some honking horns!

Jerry said...

Yea! Nora is online again!

susang said...

Congrats on your new computer, Nora.

Yes, the deliveryman looks cornered. Maybe he thinks you were going to kidnap him for 10 weeks and turn him into a cook?

Anyway, life is not complete without a proper set of butter dishes.

Ralph said...

Yeah! Glad you got it. . . finally. That UPS guy looks a litle scared.