Friday, April 25, 2008


I've meet a lot of cool people through blogging, some of them right in my town.

A friend passed along the post about my FFA jacket along to his friends, Kim and Bill. Bill works is the marketing director for the FFA National office, headquartered here in Indianapolis.

They introduced themselves at a house concert and said they'd read my blog. Which meant that I got all stammer-y and blush-y, while trying to remember exactly what I'd written. Kim and Bill are lovely and huge music fans and we immediatly hit it off.

I ran in to them at Soul Bus show a few weeks later and was totally surprised and thrilled to find an invitation to their wedding in my mailbox the next week.

Nora, Jeff Chapin and bride Kim

The wedding was wonderful. They had a great mix of friends, old and new and family. The ceremony and reception were held in Zionsville. We lived there until I was six years old and I have very fond memories of walking around the Village.

Soul Bus was the core band, but lots of other musicians joined them on stage, including the groom.


I was thrilled to be included. And it was all thanks to Chez Pez!

[and thanks to David for the introduction and the photographs]

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