Thursday, April 17, 2008

from earned runs to the emergency room

I only worked half of a day on Wednesday so I could go to the first afternoon Indianapolis Indians game of the season. I blithely said to a friend "baseball, sunshine, popcorn and a beer and everything will be okay." And it was for a few short hours.

My feet at Victory Field.

The Indians day games are always a blast. Our seats are great, close to first base and right in front of the opposing teams pitcher warm up spot. The ball park is beautiful and the weather was gorgeous.

JR, Dad and several Second Helpings volunteers were there. I got there after the game started and my brother let me "buy in" to the little, um game they were playing. I won $20 in the first two minutes I was there. And the next time the um, tokens came to me I won again.

I decided to take my money and run (actually I sent the beer guy down with some pre-paid beers). I talked my way through security and up to the media suite. My friend Bruce Schumaker is the PA announcer. He has the best seat in the house!

The game went in in to extra innings, and the Indians lost in a heart breaker. Overall the Tribe looks great- 11 wins and only 3 losses.

Our group walked over to Friday's to wait out the traffic. I sent sister Annie a text asking what she was doing that evening. She's in town, from Phoenix, for Mr. Herr's funeral. She was at MedCheck with extremely high blood pressure. They sent her right to St. Vincent Hospital. The ultimate story is that she is okay...except for the high blood pressure stuff.

It was scary, but she flew through everything, including a lumbar puncture like a champ. I'm typically not squeamish- blood and guts don't bother me unless it my little sister. I had to step out of the room for the blood tests and lumbar puncture.

The ER staff did a great job with her care and eight hours later I was tucking her in to bed at Mom's house. I'll gladly skip baseball games forever to have Annie healthy.


Jerry said...

Poor Annie. She is a trooper, isn't she. Always smiling too!

Cliff said...

I'm sure glad all ended okay here. I was afraid someone took a foul ball to the head or something when I read it was a game you were at. Best wishes to your sis for me.