Sunday, March 30, 2008

i believe

... in baseball, hammocks, volunteering,  neighborhoods, amateur boxing, front porches, rainstorms, family farms, the smell of babies heads, flannel sheets, county fairs, frozen Girl Scout cookies, cloth napkins, funky rain boots, carrying cash, baskets on bikes, 4-H projects, cousins, music, vacations, technology, Irish whiskey, working hard, laughing until you snort, Twizzlers, movies, friendship, Nancy Drew, public radio, a good haircut, naps, thank you notes and supporting independent repair shops. 

I'm rethinking the last one. 

[this post was typed with my thumbs on my iPhone]


Teresa said...

I believe in Nancy Drew, baseball and Girl Scout cookies, too, but not necessarily in that order.

Glad to hear the crabby update.

Rachel said...

Haha!! Had to laugh at your last one!! Hope things are repaired soon!!

Cliff said...

We have a thunderstorm in progress.

I would have included naked women.

Cliff said...

Oh, sorry about the computer hold up. This will eventually only serve to make you an even better person Nora.

Cliff said...

I'm forming a search party. I'll get a pack of trail dogs and a picture of Nora we can use and meet you back here at midnight. Oh wait, it's midnight.
Okay, we'll meet tomorrow morning. No use missing our sleep.

Ralph said...

You need to change that last one to read, “. . and support honest, reliable, and independent repair shops.”
I'm with you 100% on the Twizzlers.

Monica said...


Jamie Dawn said...

Ha, ha, tee-hee!
That last line really cracked me up.

I believe in chocolate truffles and blogging.
I wondered what had happened to you lately.
Sorry for all your computer woes.
That sucks.