Sunday, October 21, 2007

twenty minutes

I spend a good chunk of my life thinking in twenty minute increments.

I takes me twenty minutes to drive to Second Helpings. That is if I leave at 7:30. If I pull out of the driveway at 7:40 it takes me twenty-five minutes. Guess what time I continue to hustle out the door?

I always try to give myself twenty minutes to get to Marigold, which is only five minutes away but I have to factor in the coffee stop and parking. Guess what time I typically race out the door?

I always tell myself that it only takes me twenty minutes to get ready for work. I've always been terrible at math. If I dry my hair that adds twenty minutes and another twenty to straighten. No wonder I'm putting on mascara at stop lights.

I can write a post in twenty minutes, right? Ummm, no.

Today is a good expample. I went to run errands. I'll just be gone for twenty minutes, then I'd write this post, plant some bulbs, make some calls for a NUVO piece and take a twenty minute nap before I worked at the Red Key. When I got home two hours later I re-shifted my priorities. I'd take a twenty minute nap and write this post and make the telephone calls before I went to work.

When I woke up twenty minutes before I had to be at work, I decided that I would whip out this post and race to work. It took me eighteen minutes to find pants that fit and I arrived at work five minutes late. And no post.

When I got home at 2:00 am, I told myself I'd write for twenty minutes, take a shower and go to bed. After reading your blogs for twenty minutes and falling asleep, computer on my lap I shuffled off to bed all Red Key smelling (smoke, cheeseburgers and beer, heavy on the smoke).

So here I am, finishing this post, with twenty minutes to get ready to leave the house to go volunteer for a Crop Walk. Hair still wet and no idea of what I'm going to wear.


Jerry said...

I'm doing the crop walk too. Actually taking grain wagons to/from the field. It'll take longer than 20 minutes, though.

Ralph's Homespun Headlines said...

Good post Nora. I do the twenty minute thing a lot also.
Just curious, you wrote "reading your blogs for twenty minutes and falling asleep". Was it my blog or Cliff's that put you to sleep?

Jamie Dawn said...

Your twenty minute thing sounds like my ten pounds thing but in a convoluted sort of way.

I hope that makes sense.

If not, remember it's Jamie Dawn, and JD is not known for making much sense.

If I could just lose these ten pounds....
then I'd only have ten more to lose....
Doesn't that mean you really have twenty pounds to lose??
Uh, no.

Rachel said...

What is a crop walk?

Sometimes our plans have a way of getting switched around don't they?? We just have to adjust!

Granny Annie said...

It took me twenty minutes to read your post because my spouse kept interrupting me. Ever hear of Step-N-Fetch-It? That's me.

Cliff said...

Oh Shucks; I didn't hear about you on the crop walk or I could have pledged $20 twenty minutes of walking..
Sorry. We gave it to a little high school gal from my choir.