Sunday, October 14, 2007

but your boobs look really good

...was the nicest thing that was said about my bowling game.

The scores for my threes games: 85, 86, 86.
The score for my top: 2 thumbs up.
I can joke about that, since no one ever says things like that to me. When I tried the top on at Marigold, the woman I was working with said "not good, you look like you're all boobs."
Which made me run to get my check book.

Today was the annual Red Key vs. Just Judy's bowling tournament. Judy's is a bar down the street from the Red Key.
This is the first year that I've played, and it just might be the last time they invite me.
think the last time I bowled I lived in New Jersey, so that was at least a dozen years ago.

I did have fun. The teams were made randomly by the bowling alley. My team consisted of the Posh Petals girls and my accountant. For the record, it was the Posh girls that made the boobs comment, not my accountant.

From there I went to a house concert. Tim Grimm and his wife Jan Lucas-Grimm were playing. I really like Tim's music. He's a actor, hay farmer, singer. He and his wife moved back to Indiana to live on his near his grandparent's farm. He sings of the land, neighbors and family. Cliff and Jerry, I think that you would really enjoy him. Speaking of that I talked to Jerry while he was driving the tractor today.

Ding! The timer just went off -- I set it for fourteen minutes.

Good night!


Rachel said...

Bowling, what fun! I haven't bowled in ages. Would love to but no one to bowl with.

I think the top makes you look skinny. I don't see the boob thing. Maybe the guys will.

Glad you had fun!!

Kim said...

TOTALLY cute top! Boob accentuation is never a bad thing, sistah!

And as far as bowling...well, at least you're consistent!

Jerry said...

What a rack!!!

Just thought I'd say something nice.

Today, I was only on the tractor for a few hours after dark. Only 95 acres of corn left.

Cliff said...

A good looking, top heavy babe like you should be able to bowl better than me. But we're about the same. Probably why they didn't ask me back after that first season of bowling league.
The whole thing sounded like fun.