Saturday, October 13, 2007

thirteen nashville photographs

I was making a list of things that I need to accomplish today before 3:00 and thinking of a post was one of them. Then I got the oh-so-clever idea to post the list of thirteen things that I needed to do today. Since screwing around on the computer was not one of them, I decided to do some of the chores first. Unpacking my suitcase was the first thing I tackled. I sorted a few things out and got to some cough syrup covered stuff (the lid was not on the bottle correctly, child proof my ass) and decided that unpacking my camera would be way more fun.

(Otis, Amy, Scott)
Waiting at the Pancake Pantry

Pointing out the sites

(click on his name to hear his music)

Cute Couple

Putting the "i" in Nashville

We went to check out the new house. Since the banks were closed (Columbus Day) they could not close on the house. That did not stop us from peeking in windows, planning the landscaping and mourning the break down of Amy's car and the horribleness of their move.

View from the front porch.

Amy on the front porch
(click on her name to hear her music)

Scott and Amy in the backyard.

Later that night...

Nora's foot, Scott's boots
The Station Inn

Moving day...


Mr. Monkey arrives in Nashville.
Almost all of the fliers for Amy shows and her vacation photographs feature him.

This Mr. Monkey greeted me when I stopped for gas.
Nervous Charlie,s carried fireworks, sorghum ham, tons of souvenirs featuring outhouse humor. Luckily they also had gasoline and diet Pepsi.


Cliff said...

I liked the music Nora, it's right up my alley. I don't feel so bad about giving you that Doyle Lawson cd now.
I'm also thinking you make a habit of checking post offices around the country for missing letters. I don't recall which ones Tekamah was missing but I don't believe there is an 'I' on the building anyway.

Jamie Dawn said...

I like Otis's & Amy's music.
Otis has a nice, husky voice.
Are you sure he's not a member of ZZ TOP??
I could have SWORN I recognized that beard!!