Wednesday, October 17, 2007


I'm struggling with the everyday posting/numbers thing, it's beginning to feel a bit tedious and ego-centric to me, so I cannot imagine how its feeling to you.

I've been thinking about how I felt when I was seventeen years old and I realized that it is a hell of a lot like forty-six feels, only I was skinny.

I went out for a drink last night (can't do that when you're seventeen -- not legally anyway) with another single friend --she's is my age, pretty, petite and has a great job. She's a radio personality on a syndicated morning show. She is one of the few women that I get a little jealous of and imagine trading jobs with. Then I listen to her in the show on the way to work and wonder how she gets through the morning without punching her coworkers in the nose.

Our talk centered around boys. The ones we like don't seem to know that we exist, and the ones that are interested in us that we manage to find fault with (not that there is anyone for me to find fault with right now). How crazy is that?

I was on my way home tonight, after leaving for work fourteen hours earlier and feeling a little melancholy and a lot crabby. The fact that my bum was soaking wet because I'd left my window down and it poured during my committee meeting was not helping my mood. I called AVS, who I have not talked to since he was here. It was one of those good/bad conversations. Good to talk to him and catch up, bad 'cause he was eating Tater Tots and watching Friends - my favorite rainy day/crabby mood dinner. And as we all know you should never call an old boyfriend when you're feeling sad and crabby. Should be a State law.

Now that these pathetic seventeen sentences are over, I'm going to bed - tomorrow is a new day!

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Kim said...

I didn't know you were pals with Miz KL! Shoulda had you hook me up when I was looking for a new nanny gig! She seems like she'd be a blast to hang out with, and you're right--how DOES she get through each morning with those dudes?