Monday, October 22, 2007

so, as i was drinking moonshine with the third base coach of the giants...

...I handed him $21 for the three CDs he'd just given me so I could write about it tonight. And when I say that I drank moonshine, I mean that I put my lips on the water bottle of Uncle Max's Kentucky moonshine until they burned - I couldn't bring myself to actually take a swig.

Tim Flannery is a singer/songwriter and baseball guy. He was with the Padres for 25 years as a player, coach, manager and announcer. He's now the third base coach for the Giants, and chasing the dream of a World Series ring. He spends the off season playing his music.

I really enjoyed talking to Tim before the show. Baseball and music are two of my favorite things, so I was a little star-struck.

Tim's songs are rooted in bluegrass and Gospel and are heartbreakingly beautiful. The harmonies with his brother, Tom were amazing (and that was before the moonshine). I'm a real sucker for songs about family and the land, Tim's music is right up my alley.

(Tim Flannery)

(Tim and Tom and Uncle Max's "water")

The brothers were touring with Steve Poltz . Steve played for years in the punk-pop-folk band The Rugburns. He's been touring for a couple of years as a solo act. If you've seen the new Jeep sandbox commercial, you've heard Steve's music. He co-wrote the longest running Billboard hit "You Were Meant For Me" with then girlfriend Jewel. I'm fascinated by his early life. He trick-or-treated at Liberace’s house and was Bob Hope’s favorite altar boy. He's very clever and charming. Its not often (okay never) that a touring musician greets you with a big hug. Steve is also poster child for ADD. He jumps around even more than I do. Between my lack of focus when taking photographs and his constant motion it is hard to get a good picture.

(Steve Poltz)

(Steve and Nora)


Ralph's Homespun Headlines said...

I try not to use cuss words on my blog (versus real life) and for sure don't leave them on other peoples comment section. So, I'll just say, DARN this was good post.
Liked the way you wporked in the 21.

Kim said...

Love, love, LOVE me some Rugburns! Sounds like I missed a good show.

Getting up at 5:45 every day makes it essential for me to be snoozin' by 11 PM. Ergo, I miss lotsa good stuff. Boo hoo.