Sunday, October 07, 2007

a six pack

or my pallbearers

I have six godchildren. They range in age from 31 to 7.

Mike is the oldest and a cousin. I was 15 when my dear Uncle Con and Aunt Karen asked me to be his godmother. I felt very grown up and responsible when I stood at the baptismal font and promised to be responsible for this spiritual growth. I also took the gift giving part very seriously. The year of the puppy (I asked his parents first) was a hit. One of my favorite memories is taking Mike and one of his buddies to a Purdue basketball game. My college boyfriend Greg and I had a blast with the two sixth graders – who acted exactly like sixth grade boys are supposed to, giggling, goofy, soda spilling nerds. That little boy wound up attending Purdue for both his undergrad and graduate degrees. He is now living on the East coast and working for ESPN.

Caitlin is the next oldest. Her mom is an old friend from grade school. She was in grade school when she was baptized, so I didn’t get to hold her during the ceremony. She’s finished one year of college and is taking some time off to figure out what direction she’d like to take next.

Ben is number three. His mom and I have been inseparable since first grade (40 years for those keeping score). Ben gave me the only Christmas present that has ever made me burst in to tears. A framed copy of a school assignment.

“A Very Special Person”
The person who I admire is my godmother. Her name is Nora. I admire her because she’s nice. She collects Pez and gives us Pez candy a lot, and she’s funny. My mom knew her ever since she was a girl, and on Christmas she dresses up like Santa Claus.
Ben (August 25, 1997)

Ben is now a freshman at Hanover College, on the football team and a great student.

Sweet Mallory is Caitlin’s sister. Mallory is a middle school student. She’s creative, sensitive, independent and well traveled. She knitted me my favorite scarf.

Thomas is little brother to Caitlin and Mallory. He’s a hockey playing, sports loving grade schooler. He was a very rambunctious little boy. One time his mom called me and asked me to pick Thomas up from pre-school. Cassie was so angry with him that she thought it was better that I fetch him. In the past when I’d picked him up I’d have to sign in and show my identification. This time the teacher was waiting outside with him and she pushed him toward me the when I opened the car door. Thomas had bitten a classmate and not for the first time. Once I got him buckled in and asked him what happened.
“You know how it is when you’re tired, Aunt Nora. I just lost my head.”
Out of the mouths of 4 year olds.

My dear sweet niece Molly is number six. You can read more about her tomorrow.


Granny Annie said...

My best friend was killed in a car accident October 2, 1990. Her precious children, my godchildren, were in the car and the beauty of that day was their survival despite the horrendous loss of their mom. My role as godmother went into half swing that day. Their father was living, so their Will that stated I would inherit the chidren if both parents were killed, was not carried out. Thankfully I lived four houses down from them and my godchildren had keys to my place and they knew they had sanctuary with me for their growing up years. I love them as dearly as I love my own two children. My godson was born the day I closed on my house near them. My papers said, "Annie Wannie, a single person" but I was never "single" in that house. We were multiples! My children and I had fun and they were off to college when my godchildren began ruling the roost.

Cliff said...

It's nice to hear why these people are so special to you. I'll bet you are special to them too.