Sunday, June 17, 2007


Hello lovelies,
As much fun as I have, I sprinkle in a good deal of work.
This weekend, I'm working both of my part-time jobs. By the end of this stretch I will have worked 14 days in a row, and a couple of those both at Second Helpings and the Red Key.
This will be a busy week for me. "My" first board meeting, a donor reception to celebrate burning the mortgage, an extra night at the Red Key, graduation for the culinary class and three concerts to cover (Ted Nugent on Tuesday-- rock on!).
I guess I'm telling you this to justify my messy house.

I worked last night at the Red Key.
It was a typical night. Just busy enough to handle being both the waitress and the cook.
Mom and sister Beth stopped in for a bit.
Just before midnight at group came in after their 30 year class reunion.
I knew a good chunk of the guys, they graduated from an all-boys Catholic high school.
Actually, it was almost all-boys. The year before they graduated the all-girls Catholic high school Ladywood-St. Agnes closed and the two boys schools in the city started accepting girls that year.
I usually don't feel weird about waiting on people. I truly think the restaurant and service industry are noble professions. People don't always treat the folks that are waiting on them very well. AVS used to ask me how I could be so nice to the folks that treated me like I was an idiot.
My reply "I just act as dumb as they think I am."
Anyway (I told you this is random), I recognized a woman in the reunion crowd. She was my "big sis" when I started at LSA as a freshman. I was traveling from the farm, and knew no one at all in the school. All of the other girls were from the vast web of Catholic grade schools in city. They had all grown up together, and I didn't know a soul. In retrospect, "Big Sis" was a typical 16 year-old, not sure what to do with a very shy socially awkward 14 year old fresh from the farm. I overheard tell a group of her friends that she thought I was dumb. Ugggh, no wonder I don't remember much about my high school years.
Anyway, she did not seem to recognize me (even though one of the guys introduced me to the group) and I didn't remind her of our connection. When do you shake off those high school years?

I ran to the drug store before I went to work. I grabbed a case of diet Pepsi, two bags of Twizzzlers (sale!), an eye liner pencil and a tube of Nair (smooth leg season). About 9:00 last night I ran out to grab a bag of Twizzlers and must not have locked the door after me. Someone took the soda and the bag of randomness from the truck. I don't want you to think I live/work in a bad neighborhood, but there must be a lot of thirsty folks around. Beer in April, diet Pepsi in June. What do you think they did with the bag of stuff? Took it home to their honey? "Hey dear, I got you something" I'm picturing that jar of Nair getting chucked towards someone's head.

Off to the shower, gotta get ready for the next gig.

Happy Father's Day to all of you amazing papas out there!


Flip Flop Goddess said...

dang, i cant beilve they stole that stuff from your car..damn..

Ted Nugent?...NICE..

Cat Scratch Fever;)

I LOVE Nair...

Jamie Dawn said...

Nora's a busy gal!!!!
Twizzlers are so yummy! I hope the person who stole them choked on them.
I'm proud of you for NOT "accidentally" spilling something all over that Big Sis of yours. Dumb???
I don't stink so, lady!!

Cliff Morrow said...

I still think of you as 'fresh' off the farm Nora. Don't change.
I hope someone drank the nair.

Rachel said...

You are a busy woman Nora!

Too bad they stole your goodies from your vehicle. How rude!!!